Son’s £120,000 tribute to his late father going under the hammer

Brian Griffiths spent more than £120,000 restoring his late father’s Rover P4 95, which is being offered for sale at the H&H Classics Buxton sale.

A Rover P4 95 is going under the hammer at the H&H Classics Buxton sale after undergoing a £120,000 restoration in honour of its former owner.

Brian Griffiths spent more than £120,000 restoring the Rover over the course of 2002 and 2003 as a tribute to his late father, Kenneth Griffiths, whose insurance firm bought the car for £1,373 in 1963.

Griffiths purchased the P4 from his father in 1986 and went about restoring it in with Specialised Automotive Services in 2002, after his father had passed away.

The work involved the addition of an overdrive, cruise control and power steering, and ended up costing a total of more than £120,000, with £2,500 being spent on engine parts and £2,680.77 on an interior re-trim. Repairs have also been carried out on the electrics, brakes, suspension, clutch and clock.

Damian Jones from H&H Classics commented: “One can only surmise that he (Griffiths) felt a great deal of sentimental attachment to the car and was in the fortunate position of being able to spend that sort of money on its refurbishment.

“Thankfully, people undertake uneconomic restorations the whole time. If they did not, I might well be out of a job. For some enthusiasts, the value of their car is measured in things other than money.”

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