Peugeot reveals retro-styled e-Legend concept

The e-Legend is an autonomous and electric concept showcasing Peugeot’s take on the future of mobility

Peugeot has looked to its heritage for one of its most advanced concept cars to date.

The e-Legend concept, which will be officially unveiled in Paris next month, is inspired by Peugeot’s iconic 504 Coupe but blends retro-styling with a glimpse at the French manufacturer’s future models, showcasing a mixture of fully autonomous technology with an electric powertrain.

Styling cues from the original 504 include its simplistic yet sleek shape and its dashboard design, which takes inspiration from the ’60s coupe’s three-dial display.

It debuts two autonomous modes – ‘Soft’ and ‘Sharp’. The former is a more comfort-orientated setup that does away with the trademark wash of digital screens usually seen on autonomous cars for a greater view outside, while ‘Sharp’ is the connected setting and allows for a full outlay of digital screens and projections to appear in the car.

Two manual modes are also available – one reflecting Peugeot’s heritage with the 504’s dials and the other focused towards performance.

The e-Legend comes with a cinematic 49-inch central screen, with the full scale of the display only revealed once the steering wheel retracts in autonomous modes.

It still features technology available on Peugeot’s current road cars, though – notably the driver-centric ‘i-Cockpit’ infotainment system, which has been enhanced.

Jean-Philippe Imparato, chief executive of Peugeot, said: “The e-Legend concept is not just a technological manifesto. This is the vision of a brand actively focused on an optimistic and ultra-desirable future. Boredom will never be part of our DNA.”

The electric powertrain offers an impressive 408bhp and 800Nm, allowing for a 0-60mph time of under four seconds and, thanks to the monstrous 100kW batteries, an expected range of more than 370 miles. It will be officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, which takes place from October 4 to 14.

Elsewhere at Peugeot, its owner – Groupe PSA – has announced plans for all its cars across the Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Opel and Vauxhall brands to be offered with an electrified option alongside the traditional internal combustion engine versions. This will start from 2019, with 15 new electrified offerings expected within the next two years.

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