Best 8 cars for dog owners

Dogs and cars aren’t two things that always go hand-in-hand (or hand-in-paw). Sometimes the dog’s the problem, sometimes the car, sometimes both. And while we can’t advise you on what dog to own, we can advise you on what car to own. So to make things a bit easier for all you dog owners out there, here are some of the best cars for you and your dog – taking into account boot size, features, ride comfort etc. For option of price, this list will feature a mix of new and used cars.

Land Rover Discovery 

If you happen to have around £50,000 for a new dog-friendly large SUV, look no further than the latest Land Rover Discovery. Possibly the ultimate car for K9s, the Discovery has everything you and your dog will ever want or need. With five seats in place, you have a massive 1,137 of space in the boot – that’s class-leading amount of room. Also, Land Rover will sell you various dog accessories for your car, such as a quilted boot liner, ramp and even a shower. 

Mercedes E-Class estate

Want an estate instead of pricey SUV? Well, the Mercedes E-Class estate is right up your street. It has a generous amount of space in the boot (600 litres to be exact), and this face-lifted generation pictured above can be had for around £15,000 used. Plus, being a Merc, the boot’s lined with high quality material that shouldn’t be easily ruined by your dog.

Volvo V90


Here’s another estate for you – the newest V90 from Volvo. This sleek Swedish car is highly stylish and highly practical. Boot space is pegged at 526 litres with all the seats up and, again, is lined with quality material. The V90 is also one of the most luxurious estates on the market, meaning you and your dog can travel in comfort anywhere you please.

Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 – the V90’s SUV big brother. This family favourite, beloved for it’s practicality among other things, has 615 litres of boot space with the third row of seats folded down. And as with most of the cars on this list, you can get some handy dog friendly accessories, like a dog guard and cage. Furthermore, seeing as you can get a good XC90 for around £10,000 used, you (and your dog) get quite a lot of car for the money.

Skoda Superb estate


Right, back to an estate – the Skoda Superb estate. This highly praised wagon has 660 litres of boot space with all the seats up, meaning it is only just loses out to the class-leading new E-Class (670 litres). But, it must be said that the Skoda undercuts the class-leader by almost £20,000. Though just because it’s cheaper, don’t think Skoda’s cut corners with things such as comfort and ride quality, because both are exceptional. You and your dog will be pleased to go long distances in this plush executive estate.

Skoda Fabia estate 

You may be wondering why an estate version of a small hatchback has made it into this list. Surely there can’t be enough room for a dog in something so small? Well, actually the Fabia estate has more than enough room, with an unrivalled 530 litres of boot space – exceptional for its size. Plus, being a small car, you can pick one up for small car prices – starting around £9,000 (used) for the generation pictured above.

Audi A6 Avant 

The new Audi A6 Avant falls short in terms of boot size. The E-Class, V90, and Superb estate all have boots larger than the A6 Avant’s 565 litre’s of space. However, this German wagon more than makes up in other areas. For instance, you can get it with Audi’s famed Quattro four-wheel-drive system, which means you can drive knowing you and your dog are in safe hands whatever the weather. And, going back to the boot, when you want to get your dog to hop up in there, you’ll be glad to know the opening is wide and a good shape.

Volkswagen Tiguan


You can’t really go wrong with a VW – they do exactly what’s said on the tin, and they do it very well. Take the Tiguan for example – a refined SUV to suit you and your family’s every need. Oh, and your dog’s too. This German 4X4 can be purchased with the optional pet pack, which includes rear sill protection film, flexible boot liner and partition grill. Combine that with 615 litres of boot space and you and your dog should be more than happy.


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