For the same price: £80,000 Bentley Bentayga Fishing Kit

Thinking about getting this £80,000 optional extra with your new Bentayga? Look at what else you could get for the same price…

Back in 2015, Bentley began production of their first ever SUV – the Bentayga. At the time, no other SUV came close to the sheer amount of suave luxury the Bentayga had to offer – nor did any SUV come close to the price. Right now, if you were to walk into a Bentley dealer and buy one of these, it would set you back £136,200 — and that’s before you get to the options list, of which one thing stands out…

Say you’re a keen fisherman. Well, pay £80,000 and you’ll get a bespoke Bentley fishing kit with your new Bentayga. That’s right – £80,000 for a fishing kit. For the mega rich Bentley owner, that may not sound like much. But for most regular people, it will.

What else could you get for the price of just one Bentley fishing kit? Here are some examples…

Five brand new Ford Fiestas

£15,465 each

Can’t decide between five different colours for your new Fiesta? Now you don’t have to decide! Just by not getting the Bentayga fishing kit, you can get five brand new Ford Fiesta’s in Zetec trim. Black, blue, white, red, grey – just get them all! And what’s even better is that you’ll have close to £3,000 spare afterwards.

Two 2010 Bentley Continentals GTs 

£40,000 each

For around £40,000 on the used market, you can pick up two Bentley Continental GTs in good condition with decent mileage. So for the price of a just one option on a new Bentley, you can get two slightly older Bentleys – both with massive 6.0 litre W12 engines. Depending on how old you want to go, you could even get one for each of the family – that’s Christmas sorted, then!

Two 2014 Range Rover Sports 

£35,000 each

Again, look on the used market and you’ll find some good deals for this car. Which would you rather have – two 2014 Range Rover Sports for around £35,000, or a Bentayga fishing kit? Sure, it might be a really nice kit, but with two Range Rover Sports you could have one for you and one for the other half. Spend a bit more than £35,000, and you could get a single brand new Sport or a used V8 model.

A brand new Audi SQ7


While not a direct rival to the Bentley Bentayga, it’s certainly close to it. The Audi SQ7 is nearly as quick, and offers some serious luxury. The main thing, however, is that it has a much lower price tag, resulting in one brand new SQ7 costing less that one £80,000 Bentayga fishing kit. Starting at £74,385, you’ll have just over £5,000 to spec up your new 429bhp V8 Audi SUV – then you might decide you don’t need the Bentayga after all.

2,000 normal fishing kits

£40 each

Go on Amazon and type in ‘fishing kits.’ What you’ll find is that a lot of them are priced around £40, with the advanced ones just straying into over the £100 mark. Still, while the Bentley kit is by far more upmarket than the normal kits, in the end they do the same thing. And well, if one breaks you’ll have 1,999 left, just in case.

Of course, in reality nobody would buy 2,000 fishing kits, but as with all the amounts on this list, it’s to emphasise the multitude of what you can get for the same price as just this one optional extra.




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