For the same price: £7,500 Mercedes-AMG GT R Green Hell Magno paint

Having your GT R in an Incredible Hulk-like green doesn’t come cheap…

The Mercedes-AMG GT R is the track-focused member of the GT family. It has better aerodynamics, less weight and more power than it’s lesser sports car siblings – meaning the GT R is a key rival to Porsche’s 911 GT3.

There is, however, a hefty price tag for all this performance. The AMG GT R starts at a mega £142,365 – and that’s without any of the optional extras. For example, the cool ‘Green Hell Magno’ metallic paint featured in most of the GT R’s marketing costs a massive £7,500.

What else could that kind of money get you, though?

One brand-new Dacia Sandero


That’s right, with the money you could save by opting for a no-cost colour, you can buy an entire brand-new car. The Dacia Sandero starts at £6,995 (for access trim) and goes up to just over £7,500 for the next trim level (pictured above). And what’s even better is that all the paints you can get it in are under £500. It’s just a shame there’s no bright green…

One 2010 Mercedes C-Class estate


With two seats, a relatively small boot and 24 combined mpg; the GT R isn’t the most versatile machine. When buying it, you may even decide you need another car with a tad more daily usability, we’ll say. So, what do you do? Well, don’t tick the green paint – it’s that simple. Then what you can do is buy a used C-Class estate – two cars for the price of one (with some fancy paint on it).

Three 2003 Toyota MR2s

£2,500 each

While the GT R and Toyota MR2 are different cars mechanically, they share similar ideals. Both cars focus on lightness, handling and driving fun. The MR2 tops the scales at just 975kg and can do 0-60mph in 7.9 seconds – pretty good considering it’s a 1.8-litre. This Toyota is a true drivers car, and for £7,500 you can pick up three!

Two 2003 Audi TT 3.2 V6s

£3,750 each

Following on with the theme of sports cars, this is the original Audi TT – more specifically the 247bhp 3.2-litre V6 one. It’s really quite quick, with 0-60mph taking a little over six seconds. An interesting fact about this car is that it used one of first production dual-clutch gearboxes, making changes faster than ever. That combined with the TT’s Quattro all-wheel drive system, and you have one sporty car. Actually, at this price, you could have two sporty cars.

250 litres of Hulk Green car paint

£30 each

A colour similar to ‘Green Hell Magno’ is Hulk Green – something that can be bought on eBay for around £30 per litre. So, with that in mind, you could always adopt the DIY mind-set and apply the paint to the car yourself to save some money. That is a prospect probably no one who can afford a GT R is considering, but it’s a thought. Maybe take the 250 litres and paint the house green instead?

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