For the same price: Christmas Edition!

In this festive special, we find out how many delicious Christmas Dinner cuisines add up to the same cost as one particularly pricey Audi A8 option.

It’s almost here – Christmas! A time for gifts, being with family, and listening to Christmas songs. What’s more, for the latter you may be glad to know that Audi will sell you an excellent Bang & Olufsen 3D Advanced Sound System for £6,350 with the brand-new A8. Yeah, that’s not much at all…

But, honestly, what was Audi thinking charging that much when the festive period is in full swing? What about Christmas Dinner? Well, if you now find yourself in a dilemma between a £6,350 sound system and a £6,350 Christmas Dinner, read on…

793 Christmas Puddings

£8 each

Ah, the Christmas Pudding – a staple of traditional Christmas Dinners across the country. After the main course, many of us enjoy tucking into one of these. So much so in fact, that sometimes one just isn’t enough. Either for large families or large stomachs, you may want to get a few more Christmas Puddings this year, just in case. 793’ll do, right?

279 large turkeys

£22.75 each

Some families have a lot of mouths to feed at Christmas dinner, as surprise guests turn up unexpectedly at your door. With this risk, it’s widely recommended that you order a couple of spare turkeys, to be on the safe side. Therefore, no one goes hungry and everyone’s happy. It’s best to get, at least, 279 large turkeys (each one serves a minimum of 11 people). Then, if you suddenly discover that 3,069 people have decided to come over for Christmas Dinner, you’re covered!

19,206 pigs-in-blankets

£5.29 per 16

Pigs-in-blankets are sometimes so good that you just can’t stop eating tons of them Christmas after Christmas. And with 19,206 of the tasty treats, you’re pretty much set for hundreds of Christmases to come! Why not just get the whole family together each year for 19 years and eat 1,000 of them. You might even be able to break some sort of world record while you’re at it!

12 tons of Brussels sprouts

£0.29 per 500g

Yes, you’ve read that right. For the small price of £6,350, you can buy 12 tons of the love/hate Brussels sprouts. In grams, that’s 10,948,275g by the way. This will come in mighty handy if all your guests love the controversial food, but unfortunately not if they don’t. Better ask around beforehand.

19,050 Christmas Crackers

£4 per 12

While not technically part of the Christmas Dinner per se, Christmas Crackers are still a part of the overall experience. Every year, families sit down around the dinner table to pull these apart and read the cringe-educing jokes they bare. Not to mention the paper hats! Sure, it’s corny, but at the same time it’s a fun tradition that you can share with others… many, many times now you have over 19,000 of the things.

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