For the same price: £9,997 Ferrari Portofino wheels

Don’t curb ’em!

The Portofino may be the entry-level Ferrari, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Starting at £166,000, you’ll still have to have quite the bank account to be able to afford one. Also, it doesn’t help that if you want the perfect Portofino, you’ll have to fork out even more – a lot more in fact.

Apple CarPlay? £2,400. Carbon fibre cup holder? £1,440. 20-inch forged matt two-tone diamond finished wheels? A whopping £9,997! The latter is what we’ll be focusing on today, when we see what you can get for the same price…

Two used 2005 Nissan 350Z Roadsters

£4,400 each

Like the Portofino, the 350Z Roadster is a convertible. Sure, it lacks two cylinders compared to the Ferrari, but who’s really going to argue with a 3.5-litre V6 for under £5,000. Plus, on this budget you can get two, so you can match the Ferrari’s four seats.

One used 2005 Porsche Boxter S


Again, we have another convertible. However, this time around you’re getting a premium-badged precision machine in the Porsche Boxster. And while it’s no Ferrari, it’s still pretty quick. Hence the name, the Boxster is a boxer-engined roadster that, like most Porsches, effortlessly combines balance and handling with power and speed. All for the same price as a set of alloys!

One used 2000 Jaguar XK8


Oh look, another convertible – don’t worry this is the last one. The reason it’s here though is because it’s actually very similar to the Portofino. Think about it – they’re both four seater (or two plus two) convertibles, they both have V8 engines with around four litres, and they’re both grand tourers. The only real difference you need to think about is that the Jag is £157,000 cheaper.

Two used 2007 Mazda3 MPSs

£4,000 each

How is the Mazda3 MPS similar to the Ferrari? Well, it isn’t really. This is the more sensible, practical option. This stylish hatchback has ample rear headroom and legroom along with a reasonably sized boot and… this is already boring. Let’s focus on the MPS part of that name, shall we? MPS stands for Mazda Performance Series, which roughly translates to ‘wow, that’s pretty fast!’ This sprightly hatchback has 256bhp and can do 0-60mph in just over six seconds – impressive for a mid-2000s hot hatch.

15 refurbished Ferrari 458 Spider wheels

£650 each

If you have three cars that need wheels and you want something a bit snazzy, these 458 Spider wheels might just be for you. As a side note, the three wheels left over afterward can become house ornaments, furniture or something – so still to be put to good use. Anyway, these wheels are genuine Ferrari ones and look great – just like the Portofino’s. Whether you need 15 is up to you, but it’ll still end up cheaper nonetheless. Thank goodness for eBay…

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