Why these recent cool concept cars should be put into production right now

It’s a familiar occurrence at any motor show – a manufacturer turns up with an amazing-looking concept that never finds it’s way into showrooms. All we get is a glimpse of what could have been a great production car, and that’s it. The word disappointing comes to mind…

And with the Geneva Motor Show beginning on March 7, it seems apt to go over some of the motoring world’s missed opportunities. These are concept cars showcased in recent years that haven’t been put into production, but really should be. Cross your fingers and hope plans are in place folks…

Mazda RX-Vision

Just look at it – the Mazda RX-Vision is simply stunning, with a long bonnet and aggressive stance. Built to show off what Mazda sports cars of the future could look like, the RX-Vision incorporates a back-to-basics front-engine rear-wheel drive layout with a rotary unit under the bonnet. Sound familiar? That’s because this car follows on from Mazda’s RX models of the past, and gives us a sneak peak at what the rumoured RX-9 could look like. It’s just a shame we won’t be seeing a production version any time soon, because since 2012 (when the RX-8 went out of production) the world has been without a Mazda halo sports car.

Honda Sports EV

Drumming up intrest in small electric Hondas, here we have the Sports EV (left) and Urban EV (right). These two concepts are compact, funky, futuristic and fun from the ground up. This all meant there was a lot of excitement when the Urban EV was confirmed for production.

The Sports EV, however, has had little to no news surrounding a production version. The Japanese firm haven’t confirmed, nor denied, if the electric two-seater will be hitting showroom floors. Sooner rather than later would be nice, because it looks as if it would be a hoot out on the open road.

Nissan IDx

With a classic three-box shape, four seats and a four-cylinder turbocharged engine, the IDx seems like the small Nissan sports car we’ve been waiting for. Showcased in two variants, the base-level Freeflow and racier Nismo (pictured above), the IDx would tap into a popular and desirable performance car market. We’re talking about the humble, affordable, practical, stylish everyday coupe we all know and love. If the IDx were to succeed in ticking all those boxes, it would go down a storm with enthusiasts – if it were to actually be put into production that is. We’re still waiting Nissan…

Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet 

A long name for a long car – the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is a six-metre long luxury yacht on wheels. And with over 700bhp going through the four electric motors, it’s quick too – meaning getting from your villa to the French Riviera should take no time at all. That’s of course if you could actually buy the 6 Cabriolet or its coupe sibling – a car that’s also stuck in the concept phase. It’s unfortunate really, because being that beautiful; the Vision would sure garner a lot of attention from some very wealthy people.

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