Deal breakers: four great cars, all with one thing that may put you off

It’s well known that no car is perfect. Every one has at least one flaw, and sometimes it’s just down to pure taste and opinion. However, it’s not uncommon that that one minor issue can spoil the whole package – one negative that undermines all the positives, no matter how good the car is. Some people can look past it, but at the same time, some people simply can’t.

So, with that in mind, let’s explore this by looking at four cars, all of which have one thing (whether you think it’s good or bad) that’s bound to put a few people off buying one.

Renault Clio RS

No Manual option

One aspect of a hot hatch many people love is a good old manual gearbox. This meant that, in a segment full of cars designed to be engaging and fun, it was a real shame when Renault brought out the Clio RS with solely an automatic transmission. Hoping to shift through the gears in a sporty manual Clio? Well, the closest thing you’ll get to that in this one is using the paddle shifters. It’s just not the same…

Alfa Romeo 4C

Unrefined powertrain

There’s a lot to like about the Alfa Romeo 4C – it’s light, agile and stunning to look at. On the other hand though, there’s also quite a lot wrong with it – two of which are the engine and gearbox. Starting with the engine – it’s a turbocharged four cylinder that lacks polish and has exhaust note isn’t particularly great either, as it tends to be intrusively droney. What’s more, the power delivery isn’t that smooth.

Speaking of smoothness, the automatic gearbox is not what you’d call pleasant. In fact it’s rather annoying and obstructive. The 4C just lacks the poise and precision of a top-tier sports car, and part of the problem is it’s unrefined powertrain.

Lexus CT 200h

Uncomfortable ride

Here we have a simple case of a car that doesn’t know what it wants to be. You see, the Lexus CT 200h tries to be both a luxurious hybrid and a hot hatch at the same time. These two ideologies, however, have opposing characteristics, so as you can imagine, they don’t go very well together. This all mean that in reality, the CT 200h fails to be either of those things. It’s nowhere near sporty enough – just look at the 10.3 second 0-60mph time – and because of its stiff chassis and firm suspension set up, it’s nowhere luxurious or relaxing enough to drive. It could be an amazing hatch if Lexus would’ve just picked a side and ran with it.

Honda Civic Type R

Boy racer looks

The Honda Civic Type R’s deign is likely to split opinion. This is thanks to the garish, slightly immature nature of its styling – most notably the huge rear wing and bonnet scoop. There will be people that love this version of the Type R, claiming the design adds to the car’s racy appeal. But at the same time, others won’t be able to get past the car’s brash and outlandish looks, and may be put off buying one – a disappointment considering how good it is to drive.

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