New Koenigsegg Jesko chases record-breaking 300mph top speed

The new world’s fastest car? Science says it’s possible.

This could soon become the world’s fastest car. It’s the new Koenigsegg Jesko, revealed yesterday at the Geneva Motor Show.

If Koenigsegg’s own simulations are correct, the Jesko is theoretically capable of over 300mph – given a long enough run and a tyre strong enough to handle the intense forces of travelling at that speed.

If true, Koenigsegg would be taking the record from itself – its Agera RS holds the crown currently, with a top speed of 277mph.

How does it achieve that level of performance? It’s all down to the world’s lightest production V8 engine – a remarkable twin-turbocharged 5.0-litre unit – that weighs just 189kg. It produces 1,262bhp as standard but that’s on conventional petrol – when run on high-performance E85 ethanol, the Jesko produces an incredible 1,578bhp.

That power is fed through a nine-speed transmission with six clutches – again, very light at just 90kg – which sends power to the rear wheels. Koenigsegg’s computerised the system for greater driveability, and claims that the Jesko can pre-empt the driver’s intentions, lining up the correct gear based on road speed and engine revolutions.

The whole setup sits within a brand-new carbon fibre tub chassis, and suspension highlights include a rear damper to prevent the car ‘squatting’ under hard acceleration as well as active rear-wheel steering.

Aerodynamics are the name of the game on the car’s exterior, keeping the Jesko stable at high speeds. The enormous front splitter and vast, centre-mounted rear wing generate 1,400kg of downforce at the Jesko’s still-undisclosed top speed.

Despite its singular focus on speed, the Jesko is quite luxurious inside – driver and passenger enjoy climate control and an infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The price? More than £2m, and speed-freak oligarchs will have to be quick, as Koenigsegg’s only making 125 units.

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