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James, Solihull

Q. My daughter has just passed her driving test and is looking for her first car. She’s got £1750 to spend but wants something that’s cheap to run, and still decent to drive. Help!

MB.  I reckon she can’t go wrong with a first-generation Toyota Aygo. She can pick the Citroen or Peugeot version if she wants as they are the same car, and there’s masses of choice within her budget. Insurance and fuel will be cheap, too, and they are pretty nippy little things.

Steve, Surrey

Q.  I’ve got £8000 to spend on a convertible for some weekend fun but can’t decide what to buy. What would you recommend?

MB.  For me it would have to be a Honda S2000.  I loved the one we had on Wheeler Dealers, and with that VTEC engine it’s a cracking sports car. That money should get you one with less than 100,000 miles on the clock and not too many owners, but make sure you check it thoroughly for any signs of accident damage.

Helen, Leeds

Q.  Can I get a fun small car for £2000? Unfortunately, it also needs to be comfortable on longer journeys and reasonably practical, so I guess a two-seater convertible is off the list.

MB.  I’m a huge fan of the classic Mini, but as you’ll probably need something more modern my choice is still a MINI. That money will be enough to bag a decent Cooper from around 2006/07, and as long as it’s been looked after properly it should provide all the fun you need.

Philip, Oxford

Q.  My 1978 MGB still drives well but it’s beginning to look a bit rough around the edges, so I think it might need restoring. But although I enjoy driving a classic car I don’t really know where to start when it comes to something like that. I could really do with your advice.

MB.  The first thing I’d say is not to panic. The MGB is a brilliant classic, and there is lots of expertise out there when it comes to repairs and restoration, so getting your car looking its best again won’t be a problem. If you haven’t done it already then I’d definitely recommend joining one of the owner’s clubs – they are really friendly and will be able to give you all the advice you need – the MG Car Club is right on your doorstep in Abingdon and I’m already a member! You’ll be joining a great community who will always be happy to help with any questions. Good luck on the restoration.

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