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Canam Car Club

The National Can Am Car Club was founded in the 60s around 1967. Some car clubs go for years without a hitch, others suddenly for one reason or another disappear. The National Can Am Car Club with members nationwide is proud of its heritage. The club is for anyone who has an interest in American or Canadian vehicles old or new, classic, custom, rod or wreck, all are welcome. Also anyone who has a love of the American lifestyle the number of members grows weekly. You don’t even need to have a car to join. Renewal of membership is 12 months from joining. Members get a professional full colour quarterly magazine which is more than a car buffs magazine, a damn good read with something for everyone . The club caters for all ages and has a wealth of different cars, trucks and a good mix of colourful characters happy to support you with their vast knowledge and technical know how.

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