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The Bugatti Trust

A small fraternity of Bugatti enthusiasts gathered in October 1987, led by the late Hugh Graham Conway, and Bugatti Molsheim Limited, now known as The Bugatti Trust, was born.

Hugh was acknowledged as the leading Bugatti authority of his time. A distinguished design engineer, he is well remembered for his work in the aeronautical industry and his contributions to the Design Council.

The Trust was conceived as a repository for Hugh’s extensive historical collection of photographs, correspondence and Bugatti factory drawings and documents.

The sale of one of Hugh Conway’s Bugattis funded construction of the Prescott Visitor Centre in which the collection is now housed. Prescott is also the home of the Bugatti Owners’ Club and location of the Speed Hill Climb. Despite the shared location, the Trust operates as a completely separate entity to the Club. The Centre was officially opened by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh on 16th March 1990, a plaque next to the entrance commemorating the event.

We are now in a strong position to encourage and facilitate research into Bugatti’s works, whether by experts or those never having heard the name.

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