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Volvo Enthusiasts Club

The Volvo Enthusiasts Club was formed by me in October 1989. Why it was formed and how may be of interest to current and prospective members. It was originally, prior to its launch in October 1989, going to be a purely Volvo 1800 Series Club. The reason for its formation being that, unlike many other countries, there was at that time or not since, a club in the UK specifically for the Volvo 1800 model. However word that I was about to launch a club soon spread and I was inundated with letters, telephone calls etc from people who owned other older Volvo models who wanted to join a club which catered only for the classic Volvo models, and why couldn’t they join? So the Volvo Enthusiasts Club was born, an age limit was set, only cars over 15 years old would be eligible to join and ALL models would be welcome. This age limit was later extended by popular request to include ALL out of production Volvo models and all Volvo engined vehicles including boats, trucks, buses etc.


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