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Mike Brewer’s Porsche 911SC power upgrade – the results!

With his 911 SC in the hands of Rasant Products, Wheeler Dealers’ Mike Brewer gives us an update on powering up the Porsche!

The power upgrade of Mike Brewer’s Porsche 911SC by Rasant Products is now complete so there’s only one way to see if it all works – drive it!

It’s hard to know where to begin with this final part of my Porsche 911 SC story. The car has become such a part of my life over the past two years that my expectations of what we could do with Rasant Products was palpable.

Mike Brewer Motoring - Porsche Rasant Product

My heart was racing when I went to Andrew’s shop in Long Beach. I was so excited that I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Andrew and his team were confident that I would be pleased with the end results but what was in store was mindblowing!

The first thing that caught my eye was the new twin M&K tail pipes peeking out from the Porsche 911SC’s rear. This alone made such a visual difference to the look of the car. Next up was Andrew’s beaming face. I swear he had a white beard and red hat!

Mike Brewer Motoring - Porsche Rasant Product

When he opened the deck lid to reveal the reworked engine, I had a small excited wee! It’s so thrilling to look at, the new throttle bodies and the black plenums with the Rasant emblem proud in the middle. It is eye candy, some would call it engine jewellery, but this stuff isn’t just for show. It works!

A turn of the key and within a few cranks. the cold start engine fires into life and then the soundtrack takes over. Before it was the cheeky grumble of the flat 6, now it’s growl of a Lehman’s GT car waiting to go.

I took it easy at first, taking time to get the engine up to temperature, making sure we had good oil pressure, etc. However, you can only run at idle speeds for so long as the exhaust note is so intoxicating and my right foot was itching to be planted into the carpet. Let me tell you, it was worth the wait!

The new Rasant Product Motec M84 plug and play ECU package system talks to the throttle bodies and delivers just the right amount of fuel at exactly the right time and my world become one of pure joy.

The torque came in a surge and planted me so deep into my seat, my kidneys were trying to get into the rear seats as my ears filled with the bark of the twin pipes screaming their lungs as I snatched another gear, only for it all happen over again.

The power, the throttle response, the oodles of mid-range punch, the noise –  it’s all too much for the brain to compute at first but then when the synopsis makes sense of what’s happening, the grin just lands on your face and it just won’t leave.

Mike Brewer Motoring - Porsche Rasant ProductRasant and I calculated 27% more power in the Porsche and that’s without Andrew breaking into the engine. Just parts developed by him beautifully attached to the car. I love my 82 Porsche 911SC, but now I’m in love with it. Its still got the drivability that attracted me to it in the first place but now it has some muscle to match the looks.

My thanks go to Andrew, Ryan, Kevin and Trevor who have made this man very happy and I’ll forever be grateful for the work they did.

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