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FeaturesMe and My Test Drive: Living with an electrified Genesis GV70

Me and My Test Drive: Living with an electrified Genesis GV70

Matthew Macconnell spends a week with the new electrified Genesis GV70 and tells us what it’s really like.

Perhaps you have plenty of money and are looking to splash out on a luxurious EV that snaps necks as you waft on past and doesn’t destroy its range every time you use the windshield wipers? Genesis may just have you covered.

After the GV70 was dropped off and positioned on the drive, it took a whole five minutes for someone to walk past gawking and say: “Alright mate, that’s a nice Bentley”. When I attempted to explain that it wasn’t a Bentley and that it was indeed a Genesis, they looked at me puzzled as though I was unhinged and no longer wanted to talk about the car but instead wanted to talk about Phil Collins. Throughout the week, it also received Rolls-Royce and Aston Martin compliments.

While it may seem like a brand that’s popped out of nowhere, Genesis is actually Hyundai’s luxury division and it’s been around since 2004 before going solo in 2015.

First impressions are important, and the GV70 absolutely nailed this. The Makalu Grey matte paintwork (a £1130 option), the elongated headlights, 20” dark alloys (a £630 option) and trapezoid-like front grille made it stick out from every similar-sized BMW X3 on the street, it even looked north of its actual sticker price. Jump onto the Genesis configurator today and you’ll notice that prices start from £65,105 but my fully-loaded test car had massaging and cooling cross stitched seats, panoramic sunroof, 360-degree cameras and self-parking features among many other features, pushing the price up to £74,330.

Although it would’ve been nice to exploit the GV70’s 242-mile range by exploring some of the Scottish Highlands while receiving a full body massage, this was a no-go as the work week was bedlam and I had an important task of chauffeuring my father and grandmother to garden centres over the weekend. The GV70 sits quite high but my 80-year-old grandmother was more than able to clamber into its passenger seat and my 5’11” father in the rear, both with ample leg room. Next, was to fit her rollator in the 503-litre boot — an easy task surely, but not quite. The shape of the GV70’s boot made it quite awkward and, due to the extra electrical gubbins in the floor, it falls 39 litres short of an ICE GV70 which means you get quite a high boot floor.

There are three drive modes available: eco (best for range), comfort (softer suspension) and sport (increases throttle response and tightens everything up.) Sport really does scare your passengers, throwing them violently back into their seats and conjuring profanity, due to the instant 700Nm of torque on offer, and by pressing the ‘Boost’ button located at the bottom of the steering wheel, you’ll unleash all 483bhp for 10sec. Genesis claims that 0-62mph is dispatched in just 4.2sec and, of course, I had to test this using the RaceBox. On a flat bit of road with the traction control on and using the boost function, the GV70 managed 0-60mph in 4.2sec and 0-62mph in 4.5sec. Overtaking is a doddle and the RaceBox returned a 30-70mph time of just 3.8sec — that’s the same as a Ferrari 550 Maranello. Of course, stepping hard on the ‘quiet’ pedal will see its range plummet just like any other EV.

While I couldn’t fully test the range, I did take it on my test route of roughly 42 miles, consisting of motorway, town and B-roads – with the air-conditioning on, the GV70 returned 3.8 miles per kWh; to all those that have fuel running through their veins, rather than electricity, that’s about 128mpg. And most of the time you won’t find yourself accessing all the power available. Instead, you’ll be cruising along in eco mode with Jazz FM playing through all 16 Lexicon speakers and enjoying all the technical trickery the GV70 offers, and if the need arises, a slight blip of the throttle is enough for 99% of real-world situations. Using the car every single day of the week for pottering around resulted in just one visit to a 22kW charger, charging it from 20 to 80% in just 3hrs.

Me and My Test Drive: Living with an electrified Genesis GV70

After the week was done and the car was collected, I found myself missing it dearly. I had fallen for it — an EV had finally got me. I even had a routine where I’d get up in the morning and check on it. Everything with the GV70 is just right – from the comfort and the tech to the performance and the range. I started to think about the things I could sell so I could make up a deposit just to waft around in it again; do I really need the fridge and how much does a kidney go for? Unfortunately, for me and for many other people, a sub £70,000 car is just too much, so for now I’ll cherish the memories. If you have deep pockets, however, go look at one. Why are you still here? GO!

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