FeaturesMe and My Test Drive: The new Volvo Ex30

Me and My Test Drive: The new Volvo Ex30

Fast. Frugal. Eco-friendly. Safe. And seriously well-priced too.

One of the big complaints is that electric cars are expensive. Well when this new Volvo EX30 arrives on our shores later this year, the starting price is expected to be in the region of £33,750 which is extremely competitive.

However, all of the other Volvo Ex30 facts and figures are arguably even more impressive.

Depending on which powertrain you go for (there are 3) Volvo’s smallest ever SUV comes with the potential for great range and absolutely stunning performance. Go for the top of the range 422bhp Twin Motor Performance all-wheel drive power option and you can hit 60mph in 3.4 seconds which makes it the quickest Volvo….ever. However, even the entry level EX30 develops a very healthy 268bhp which means you can reach 60mph in a shade over 5.0 seconds. That’s the beauty of all-electric cars. You have 100 per cent power from the moment you hit the throttle. And it’s effortless…no gears, no clutch.

In the middle there’s another 268bhp power option but it comes with a bigger battery to allow more range. It’ll probably turn out to be the most popular model in the range.

Ah….range. The big question mark for any electric car.

The entry level EX30 will manage 213 miles, but if you go for the same car but with the bigger battery and Volvo reckon you can reach 298 miles.

Rapid charging times for all of the EX30s are around 25 minutes from 10-80 per cent.

Volvo say that you should buy this car purely on your driving style and the sort of mileage you expect to cover. Your choice will be reflected in the price. Fair enough. Their argument is that there’s no need to buy a car which can cover a high mileage when actually you’ll only be doing a round commute of 20 miles a day and that you rarely go on a long journey.

There are two equipment grades at launch – Plus and Ultra. An additional Core entry-level grade will be introduced later next year with prices rumoured to kick off in the region of £32,000.

In terms of kit, Plus specification includes 12.3-inch touchscreen display, two-zone climate control, Harman Kardon premium sound system with dashboard soundbar (there are no speakers in the doors…the soundbar runs along the top of the facia) front and rear parking sensors, rear camera, heated front seats and heated steering wheel.

Additional features on Ultra grade include 360-degree camera, fixed panoramic sunroof, dark-tinted rear windows, a self-parking system, 20-inch alloy wheels, and power-adjustable front seats.

And if you want to impress your friends tell them that a quarter of the aluminium used in your new Volvo EX30 has been recycled, as has 17 per cent of the steel and plastic.

We’ve yet to drive the EX30 but we went on the launch and saw the car in the flesh and sat in it. The car is extremely smart…looks great (think of a smoothed-off XC40)…and has a seriously premium feel to the interior.

Order books are open now. Form a queue.

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