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FeaturesMike Brewer takes a trip down memory lane with Drive Dad's Car

Mike Brewer takes a trip down memory lane with Drive Dad’s Car

Mike Brewer Motoring has a great Christmas gift idea.

We love driving classics and at Drive Dad’s Car, you can treat someone to a cracking motoring experience for Christmas.

Here at Mike Brewer Motoring, we love a car museum, and back in May a new one arrived on the scene. Located in the scenic Derwent Valley in Derbyshire, the Great British Car Journey features more than 100 great classics and treats visitors to an interactive trip through the story of British motoring. The cars on display range from the 1920s to the present day, so there’s guaranteed to be something that brings back a few memories.

Classic Car Christmas Gift

It was the brainchild of former Auto Windscreens owner, Richard Usher, but it’s rather more than just a museum. In fact, our favourite part is the fact that you can actually get behind the wheel of some great classics while you’re there. Called ‘Drive Dad’s Car’, more than 30 British cars are on offer spanning 1935 to 1995 and whether there’s one you’ve always wanted to try or you just want to enjoy some motoring nostalgia, well we can’t think of anything better.

So how does it work? Well, the cars are split into three collections – Classic, Premium and Luxury. The first of these includes family favourites such as the Austin Maestro, Hillman Imp, Ford Sierra, and Morris Marina, while stepping up to Premium means a chance to drive the like of the MGB GT and Morris Minor ‘Million’ special edition. And the Luxury collection is just that, with a Bentley, Jaguar and Rolls-Royce on offer.

Classic Car Christmas Gift

Each drive takes place on a private road and you’ll be behind the wheel for twenty minutes alongside a qualified instructor. Prices start at £49 and go up to £70 for a car from the Luxury collection, with additional drives on the day costing a bit less. A chat with Sales and Marketing Manager, Jason Jones, reveals the Ford Capri, Morris Minor Million and Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit are amongst the most popular choices, but it seems plenty of people fancy a go in the Reliant Robin three-wheeler too!

He went on to tell us that there’s the potential to expand the choice of cars in the future, or change some of those currently offered, but it’s still early days for this new attraction so for now there’s certainly something that’s likely to tickle your classic motoring taste buds.

Classic Car Christmas Gift

Whilst older enthusiasts have enjoyed a hit of nostalgia, there’s also a healthy number of young people keen to give it a try. Given the importance of attracting youngsters into the classic car hobby that’s good news.

So we reckon this is a cracking idea, and one we encourage you to try, but we should hold our hands up and say it’s no coincidence that we’ve featured it now. Obviously there’s still time to buy Christmas presents, so if you’re struggling to choose something for the car enthusiast in your life then a Drive Dad’s Car gift voucher sounds a great classic car christmas gift to us. You can pay for cars from any of the collections, or even buy a bundle that buys two or three drives from any group, and all the recipient has to do is decide which classic to drive and book a date. Visit for all the details.

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