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  • Morgan announces new collaboration with Pashley Cycles

    Morgan has revealed a new range of motorsport-inspired bicycles created in partnership with Pashley Cycles. The bicycle creator has a similarly long history to Morgan, having been founded in 1926 – making it the longest-established British cycle manufacturer. The pair have now collaborated on two new bicycles, which will be produced at Pashley’s factory in […] More

  • How to make the most of your car’s tyres

    As far as car parts go, tyres are one of the most important – but also one of the most neglected. Tyres are the car’s only contact with the road, and as such can make a huge impact on not just the driving experience, but also vehicle safety. To keep yourself safe on the road, […] More

  • Top 10 crossovers on sale today

    The crossover class is a juggernaut, steamrolling sales of MPVs, hatchbacks and family saloons in its path. There’s no escaping it – buyers just like the combination of rugged styling, a high ride height and the feeling of security that a bulky crossover provides. But as with every car class, not all crossovers are created […] More

  • My Ultimate Guide to Used Cars is on sale now!

    That’s right, my all-new Ultimate Guide to Used Cars is hot off the press and ready to buy now! In it you’ll find a wealth of tips and tricks on how to buy, sell and get the best deal on a used car – all from yours truly! Coming soon my Ultimate Guide to Used […] More

  • Podium-placing Ford GT40 set to go under the hammer

    A 1966 Ford GT40 MK II once raced at Le Mans is heading to auction at the end of the month. The race car, which achieved a third-place podium position with drivers Ronnie Buckham and Dick Hutcheson behind the wheel, is being offered as part of RM Sotheby’s Monterey sale on Friday, August 24. Valued […] More

  • Jaguar E-Type Series 3 revealed following 3,000 hour restoration

    A Jaguar restoration specialist has unveiled its latest project – a completely revitalised E-Type Series 3. E-Type UK, one of the leading restorers of Jaguar’s classic sports car, spent 3,000 hours upgrading the iconic two-seater. Working to the requests of the customer, this Type 3 features upgraded suspension, custom wheels and full LED lighting. A […] More

  • Prince Harry’s Audi RS6 can be yours for £71,900

    It’s not often a car owned by real royalty makes its way to the classifieds, but this Audi RS6 boasts one very special former owner — Prince Harry. This ultra-low mileage German performance estate is about as close to living life like a royal as many may get the chance to get, and even has […] More

  • The best fictional cars to never exist

    Cars are part-and-parcel of everyday life, so it should be no surprise they play a prominent part in our media. Sometimes, if the nature of the media doesn’t force you to film in the real world, the editors and writing team will be let loose to produce fantasy cars. From video games to television, there […] More

  • The top 10 cars of the 2000s

    The 2000s are often touted as a dark time for car enthusiasts. Bodywork got fatter, platforms became heavier and more leaden tech began to spoil the enjoyment of a truly analogue car. But looking back, there’s actually plenty of wheat among the chaff, and the 2000s did, in fact, give us some of the best, […] More

  • How well do you know car badges?

    While manufacturer emblems are usually memorable and distinct, the badge that displays the name of the given car is usually a little less inspired. How well do you remember the names of car models, and the look of their badges? Put yourself to the test with this car badge quiz! More

  • The greatest hits of Fiat Chrysler’s Marchionne era

    The tragic loss of Sergio Marchionne ends an era for Fiat, bidding farewell to a man who changed its fortunes so thoroughly that it could afford to save the failing Chrysler brand by the end of the 2000’s. First and foremost, Marchionne was there to make the best business possible, and some cars in this […] More

  • Surf’n’turf – the 5 coolest amphibious cars

    Some people are never satisfied. While most prospective car buyers are fine with a car that can just drive on the road — and some off — there are some drivers who want to go even further. It is those demanding customers that have led to some companies introducing cars that can handle both the […] More

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