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Auto NewsA Blessing for Car Parking

A Blessing for Car Parking

‘Pray and Display’ at your local church

Churches in the UK are making more than £20,000 each month, an average of £200 each, by renting out their empty car park spaces to motorists needing somewhere to park.

According to research from online parking company, more than 100 churches listed on their pre-booking parking website are sharing more than £20,000 each month. With COVID-19 restrictions having prevented people visiting churches during the lockdown that has to be a useful bit of income.

However, the company go on to say that this is just a fraction of the 16,000 registered churches, and that more than 85% are likely to have suitable parking spaces available. 

They highlighted St Wilfrids in Harrogate, who spotted the opportunity to provide affordable parking as well as deter anti-social behaviour in the car park by having more people using it. Especially as police figures show that there are 19 crimes committed everyday on church property in the UK.

St Wilfrids’ facilities and commercial manager, Rebecca Oliver, said: “The parking income helps to support the running costs of the church, which as a Grade I listed building are significant.

“Using is a straightforward and affordable way for a church to monetise its car park, without having to spend a lot of time managing it.” 

Harrison Woods, managing director at, said: “Churches offering their empty parking spaces makes perfect financial sense, you could almost describe it as ‘pray and display’. However, the extra income is just one benefit as a busy car park deters anti-social behaviour, while visitors could also be tempted to have a look around the church if it is allowed.”

The company go on to say that many of the churches listed on their portal are located near city and town centres, so if the idea of easier parking and boosting church coffers appeals to you then visit 

Founded in 2013, is an online marketplace that markets and manages over 65,000 parking locations UK-wide, ranging from driveways through to private off-street parking spaces and commercial car parks.

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