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Auto NewsClassic Car Market in 2023

Classic Car Market in 2023

Silverstone Auctions predictions for the coming year

Silverstone Auctions will continue to offer traditional live auctions for Automobilia, Motorcycles and Classic and Collectors cars in 2023.

As the challenging economic situation looks likely to continue into next year, so the effect it may have on the Classic Car Market for 2023 is still an unknown, but Silverstone Auctions consigners highlight what they think the cars to watch will be this year.

Steven Keen, Silverstone Auctions Consignor, said: “For 2023 I would say keep an eye on any sports cars that carry their DNA from the golden era of motorsport and rallying – all M3s, RS500, 190E Cosworth, Integrale Evos, special edition Subaru and Mitsubishi P1, 22bs, TME etc.  I also think that Fast Fords will continue in popularity, however buyers are becoming increasingly careful with cars from the 60s, 70s and 80s needing to be preserved and original or very well restored and correct in all details to really ring the bell.”

“Porsche Turbos will do well next year, especially Type-964 and for me the original GT3 RS is a must have for any serious collection. A right-drive Ferrari Testarossa is a rare car and should command a real premium – especially the early single mirror examples – a 550 Maranello is a great GT car and right-drive Challenge Stradale ticks a lot of boxes; the 430 Scuderia is also looking strong as a future classic.”

A good example of the breed:  Porsche 911 (964) Carrera 2 – two-wheel drive, ‘nine six four’ in Midnight Blue Pearl. Sold for: £48,375

Classic Car Market 2023

Richard Greenhalgh, Silverstone Auctions Consignor suggests: “Early and exceptional Renault Clio Williams – these have really moved on this year, together with lots of other hot hatches such as the XR2s, Citroen Saxo VTs to name a few. Those with low milage have made very good prices at Auctions, and next year I see this trend continuing along with an appetite for Ford Sierra RS Cosworths and Audi Quattros.”

A good example of the breed: An unrestored, single owner, hot-hatch legend with a comprehensive up-to-date service history and just 57,000 miles. Sold for: £36,000

Classic Car Market in 2023

The JDM, 80s/90s homologations specials (the approval process through which a vehicle is required to go for certification to race in a given league or series) that have performed strongly this year we believe still have legs to go further, along with special competition cars with period history, especially Impreza rally cars.

Rob Hubbard, Sales Director at Silverstone Auctions has a love of pre-war cars and suggests “We may also see a resurgence of interest in the pre-war market, as collectors can see the amazing early engineering and have access to many events to enjoy.”

A good example of the breed: 1934 MG PA/B Type Supercharged ‘Black Adder’ Special – Sold for: £39,938 – Black Adder, the ex-Brian Ditchman/Steve Dear supercharged special is a highly competitive pre-war car that enjoyed much success in MGCC and VSCC events in the 1990s and 2000s. Built to emulate the works ‘Cream Cracker’ cars, this is a seriously potent machine.

Rob continues “The BMW E46 M3 is still undervalued, as too are the Porsche 997s – these are also ones to watch in 2023. With the drop in the pound and the strength of the Euro and US Dollar, the demand for left-hand drive vehicles is also increasing. There appears to be a healthy buyer group eager to enjoy classic car ownership, so 2023 may be a good year for selling these models.”

A good example of the breed: M3 (E46) in Titanium Silver with a Black Nappa interior, this UK-supplied, right-hand drive, manual gearbox M3 has covered just over 28,232 miles from new. Sold for: £36,675

Whilst Lionel Abbott another Silverstone Consigner, said: “In short, the old rule still applies – best of breed cars made in limited numbers, in high quality condition and with genuine provenance will always achieve great results. There is still a robust demand for the right cars and the Princes Diana Escort, that Silverstone Auctions sold at the Silverstone Classic Sale back in the summer is the perfect example of the power and value that a specialist auction house can add to a sale. It was a ‘one of one’ car with special provenance, marketed globally, presented to view at a well-attended and high-profile event which helped create the special atmosphere in the room and the result of all this was a price achieved that will go down in the record books.”

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