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Auto NewsGet unique view of Morgan Motor Company's Production Line

Get unique view of Morgan Motor Company’s Production Line

Drone captures the Plus Four and Plus Six throughout all stages of production

Morgan Motor Company has provided a unique insight into its iconic production facility, with the release of a First-Person View (FPV) drone video.

Showcasing the 108-year-old factory in Malvern, Worcestershire, the First-Person View Drone takes viewers through each workshop, and follows the route taken by the Plus Four and Plus Six as the sports cars are built. The historic Morgan factory will soon be producing the company’s all-new three-wheeled vehicle following the global launch on 24 February.

Beginning in the original building, known as the 1914 Workshop, viewers are guided into the Chassis Shop where each Morgan sports car starts its life. From that point, the drone enters the historic Assembly, Sheet Metal and Wood shops, tracking over the sports cars in various stages of production, all without the slightest interruption to the craftsmen and women as they work on them.

First Person View drone

Crossing over the main drive, reveals the Trim Shop where painted bodies – including a one-of-a-kind coach-built special project – await their interiors, carpets and hoods. After flying through Trim and Final Finish workshops, the drone enters one of the paint booths, followed by an area currently used for the production of the Plus Four CX-T and Plus 8 GTR special projects.

First Person View drone

Finishing in the Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) workshop, viewers are left with the impressive sight of a Plus Four CX-T and a line up of TOK 258 inspired limited-edition models. The route of the drone runs parallel to that of the guided factory tours which take place each day throughout the production facility.

First Person View drone

HFS Morgan first moved Morgan Motor Company to Pickersleigh Road in 1914, having situated the company – since its incorporation in 1909 – at his workshops around one mile away. Whilst the factory has evolved and expanded throughout the last 108 years, the character and atmosphere of the original buildings is preserved.

Before the pandemic, the company welcomed around 30,000 visitors to tour its factory, a number that is expected to be surpassed once travel restrictions are relaxed. The new Morgan Experience Centre provides the perfect destination for visitors, with a range of experiences and guided factory tour packages available to book in advance. Interested individuals are directed to the Morgan website for more visitor information and to book.

First Person View drone

Steve Morris, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Motor Company, said: “I am continually impressed with the capability of the latest drones, and the technology that enables them.  In fact, ever since the latest FPV units rose in popularity, I have imagined one capturing the Morgan production facilities.  This film has been a delight to bring to life, and to showcase the Morgan production facility to viewers in countries around the world – with access like never before – makes me immensely proud. We believe that our 108-year-old factory, along with our tour offering, is unparalleled in the modern automotive industry and has the unique ability to create intrigue, not only in car enthusiasts or Morgan fans.”

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