Auto NewsMike Brewer's Citroen SM up for sale

Mike Brewer’s Citroen SM up for sale

Interested in adding this stunning restoration to your collection?

Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer is a firm believer in using your classic cars so with that in mind he’s put his 1972 Citroen SM up for sale. Could you give it a good home?

Our own Mike Brewer has been wrestling with his conscience and his collection of classic cars in recent times including his Citroen SM. Building his new studio/workshop has made him assess his cars and he’s made the difficult decision to find a new home for his stunningly restored 1972 Citroen SM. Mike explains why its important to know when to let go…

“Over the years I’ve been very fortunate to own some amazing cars. Cars call to me and ask me to be saved or cherished and I’ve turned that calling into a fantastic car collection.

My collection is fairly eclectic, everything from a 1927 Model T to a 2021 Porsche Taycan electric car. Everything my wife and I own, I absolutely love. I have a relationship with each and every car especially if it’s me and my friends who have turned the spanners and fettled the paint.

Citroen SM

Years ago, I was offered a very beaten Citroen SM, damaged on almost every panel, the engine in bits, it was a mess, but I have a deep fascination for the SM and its one of my must have cars so I bought it.

The job of restoring such a complicated car can’t be done alone, and I’ve always said you have to choose your partners carefully, so I put a call out on the Citroen SM owners club and asked for experts to dig in and help me push this build.

Thankfully I found the best in Nathan Bovington and his family at Paragon in Northampton. They helped me with the strip down, engine removal and parts sourcing. Parts were found all over the world, we even had parts manufactured as they weren’t available. Fortunately, around the corner from Nathan’s garage is one of the finest painters in the UK – Gary at Cosmetic Autocare.

I asked Gary to deliver the best concours paint job he could muster on frankly a car that never looked like it would be straight again.

Once done, we presented the car on stage at the Classic Motor Show at the NEC in Birmingham. I remember when it drove on to the stage, there were audible gasps coming from the audience. It was an amazing feeling and the car then went on to win the Concurs trophy at the National Citroen meeting, so its fair to say it’s very nice car.

Since then, my life has been pretty hectic. I was living in the USA, making hundreds of shows and building other businesses. So the SM has been neglected, and as a champion of the phrase ‘drive your classics’, I’m not practicing what I preach.

Citroen SM

The SM demands daily attention, it wants to be driven, to be enjoyed, to be shown off. Unfortunately looking at my schedule, that’s not me. I would rather sacrifice my ownership so the car can be loved by someone who will use it, show it and enjoy it.

So the Citroen SM is up for sale. Knowing when to let go of a car is tricky. Do you do it because the market is strong or because you can’t care for it. For me, I consider myself a custodian of these cars and although I get deeply attached, I have to respect the cars needs and let go.

Citroen SM

Whoever buys this car will have a car that’s been lovingly nurtured back to full health by an enthusiastic team of skilled craftsmen who made its temporary owner incredibly happy.

For details and serious offers, please email

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