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Auto NewsWhy Mike Brewer thinks its a great time to buy a classic...

Why Mike Brewer thinks its a great time to buy a classic car…

If there's one thing that Mike Brewer knows about, its the classic car market

If there’s one thing that Mike Brewer knows about, it is the classic car market. The Wheeler Dealer, he’s watched prices go up and down for year – but what about in a global pandemic?

With dealerships closed again, people in lockdown, so much uncertainty, this is why Mike Brewer thinks it still a great time to buy a classic car…

Let’s face it the world‘s been pretty rubbish for the past year. Who would have thought we’d be in this mess the first time someone mentioned Covid over a year ago? A lot has changed. The way the world worked before won’t ever be the same again. The working environment, health, wellbeing, travel, all this things will change forever. However, one thing remains the same and as a nation we can feel it bubbling up and soon it’s going to take over, and that’s optimism!

Throughout history, every time there’s a crisis, its always followed by optimism – a time when the shackles come off and we look forward to better times ahead. The car market has always ridden this wave and this time will be no different. Car dealerships are reporting strong sales for both new and used vehicles with increased turnover and better profits, due to the way they have been forced to re-think their business and streamline the process. That’s optimism at work!

For us classic car nerds out there, I believe there’s never been a better time to grab that classic you’ve always wanted, Auction houses like Silverstone Auctions and Classic Car Auctions are reporting incredible sales across a whole range of classic cars, from the everyman to the exotic.

Mike Brewer Motoring - Classic Car Auctions

Prices dipped a little at the back end of last year and there was a worry that as we went into lockdown, they would plummet. However, prices are holding firm at the moment. The reason is that more classic cars are coming onto the market.

Lockdown has been good for those wanting to finish that project they’ve started but never finished, online sales of classic parts during this year have been amazing and more cars are getting finished than ever before. The market is getting a flood of good classic coming into the sales and that’s had the knock on affect of keeping prices strong.

Now back to that word, optimism. As the world starts climbing out of this mess and there’s a brighter future, its my belief that more people will want to enjoy what the UK has to offer and with a sense of pride and nostalgia start thinking about buying a car to enjoy this optimistic future.

So, that’s why I think it’s the perfect time to buy a classic car. Prices are stable, the market is strong, the world will change and the market will grow. Buy now and look forward to a brighter future. You never know we can meet up at a show soon and even shake hands or hug… see more optimism.

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