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Auto NewsEverrati reveals electric Porsche 911

Everrati reveals electric Porsche 911

This electric Porsche 911 has gone state-of-the-art

Mike Brewer loves his 911s and his Taycan EV, so it’s no surprise that he’s pretty excited about something as special as this electric Porsche 911 from Everrati.

Reimagining classic Porsches isn’t new, but now Oxfordshire-based specialists, Everrati, have swelled their ranks with this electric Porsche 911 with a ‘Signature’ wide body that takes a 964-generation 911 and turns it into something rather special.

We’ll come to the bodily aspects of the transformation a bit later, because the more notable news is that the revered air-cooled flat-six engine has been swapped for an electrified powertrain.

Mike Brewer Motoring - electric Porsche 911

It’s not the first time it’s been done, admittedly, but the bare statistics here are certainly eye-catching; the company say their wide body is good for 500bhp, 500Nm of torque, a sub-four second 0-62mph time and a range that should exceed 150 miles. A DC fast charger can replenish the 53kWh battery pack from 10-100% in around an hour.

However, the company are keen to add that the powertrain transplant is fully reversible. “…it is sacrosanct that all engineering is reversible, should current or future owners want to revert back to the car’s factory specification,” explains Founder and COO, Nick Williams. “If customers wish, the car’s original internal combustion engine and transmission can be refurbished and placed in storage, or even incorporated into a piece of art, such as a glass table or Perspex box. Whatever the customer can imagine, we will do our utmost to make it a reality.”

Naturally, the rest of the running gear receives some significant changes, too. Although the original aluminium rear trailing arms are retained the suspension is refurbished with uprated bushes and links throughout. And there’s a choice of a ‘standard’ set-up utilising motorsport-grade coil-over units, or a fully adjustable arrangement that features adaptive Tractive dampers with a choice of five settings programmable via a touchscreen.

The uprated brakes get Brembo calipers and ventilated discs all round – a larger set-up is optional – while the regenerative braking system is adjustable to allow one-pedal driving.  Buyers can choose from 17- or 18-inch wheels in their preferred colour finish. And to ensure the wide body handles and stops as you’d expect Everrati have engaged the services of former BTCC and Porsche Carrera Cup Champion, Tim Harvey, to assist with development.

As for the body, a solid donor example is the starting point which Everrati strips back to a bare shell. This is then blasted and treated to prevent corrosion before being seam-welded and strengthened in key areas. To end up with a car that’s lighter than the original the company then fit front and rear wings, bonnet and doors fashioned from carbon-fibre.  Buyers can have a carbon roof, too, unless they want to retain the sunroof in which case the original steel panel is used. Also, the bumpers are replaced with genuine Porsche wide body items with the addition of RS Cup air vents.

Mike Brewer Motoring - electric Porsche 911

You’d expect the interior to be a bit special, too, and you’d be right. There’s a wealth of personalisation options but as standard the ‘Signature’ features the original seats that are uprated to resemble RS Touring items, along with four-way electrical adjustment. There’s also a custom heating and air-conditioning system, Porsche Classic Communication Management infotainment and new EV gauges for the dashboard.

If you’re tempted, prices start at £250,000 (based on a customer-supplied donor car) and a small number are available to order now with deliveries expected later in the year.

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