Auto NewsGTO Engineering creates the first technical schematics for the Ferrari 250 series

GTO Engineering creates the first technical schematics for the Ferrari 250 series

Making automotive history.

In the year that the Ferrari brand turns 75 years old, GTO Engineering is launching the world’s first set of technical schematic drawings for the iconic Ferrari 250 series dating from 1959 to 1964.

Since schematics of the Ferrari 250 lineage were never created by the Ferrari factory; this exciting project is the work of GTO Engineering’s technical and parts teams and will be available in digital and printed format.

For the first time in history, the entire technical schematic drawing set for Ferrari 250 series models from 1959 to 1964 are available. GTO Parts holds the technical schematics drawings for over 50 Ferrari models, but with the Ferrari 250 being the only series that schematics don’t exist for in the entire model lineage, GTO Engineering’s founder Mark Lyon utilised the firm’s Computer Aided Design (CAD) capabilities, to create them from scratch.

GTO Engineering

Each schematic drawing focuses on a certain area of the Ferrari 250, from brakes and suspension to engine and gearbox, and correlates to parts that are manufactured or sourced by the GTO Parts team. They will be available via GTO Parts’ website and a printed catalogue, with a total of 33 drawings over 80 pages (if in printed format) available, with hundreds of components and correlating part numbers listed. Each book is priced at £99.95 for the printed version, while the digital copies are available at

Mark Lyon, Founder and Managing Director of GTO Engineering, said: “Seeing the complete schematics for the 250 series of Ferraris finished is an emotional feeling. I remember, before we embarked upon this project, adapting the schematics for a Ferrari 330 with a pencil and trying to match-up the part numbers. It was a real mess, and only made sense to me. That was when there were parts available on the shelf in the late Eighties, but components soon became unavailable not long after that, so the parts side was void.

GTO Engineering

“Ever since that day, with the annotated Ferrari 330 schematics drawings, I’ve wanted to be able to create from scratch our own technical drawings for the 250 series. Today, with our dedicated in-house CAD team, modern technology, engineering know-how and the GTO Parts business, we knew that as a Ferrari specialist we were well-placed to rectify this. I’m proud to present the technical drawings on our website and through a printed catalogue. There’s also a key sense of achievement in that every component within the schematics, matches a valid part number that we can sell to our customers.”

With everything from 250 GTOs, 250 LMs, 250 GTEs, competition 250 SWBs and 250 GT Lussos being either serviced, maintained or prepared from GTO Engineering’s HQ just in the last 12 months, the Ferrari specialist has seen and worked on a range of special, iconic and well-known 250-series models.

GTO Parts was established in 1996 by Mark Lyon, Founder and Managing Director of GTO Engineering. GTO Parts’ online web store has an extensive schematics directory for six-, eight- and 12-cylinder Ferraris from the modern day and classic eras. To-date it fabricates bespoke, hand-crafted parts in its in-house machine shop, as well as engines in its dedicated workshops, such as the 250-series Colombo V12s and various other iterations of the Ferrari V12 engine. With a focus on classic and modern parts, including original components through its large international network, GTO Parts, alongside GTO Engineering, is recognised as a leading parts supplier and specialist for classic and modern Ferraris worldwide.

Additionally, GTO Parts is opening its European base this Spring. The new premises will be located in Modena, Italy, and will be home to an array of original and OEM specialist Ferrari parts, as well as components for other classic Italian cars. The Modena base will also allow for reduced waiting times and complete transparency of shipping and duty costs for GTO Parts and GTO Engineering’s European clients. Exact details are soon to be confirmed.

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