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Auto NewsItalian Maserati is the next challenge for Wheeler Dealers

Italian Maserati is the next challenge for Wheeler Dealers

Mike and Elvis get their hands on a Maserati 4200GT

The looks and performance of this stunning Maserati would be hard to resist, but could it be fixed without breaking the bank?

This isn’t the first Maserati to find its way into the Wheeler Dealers workshop, Series 11 featuring this car’s predecessor – the 3200GT. They made a profit on that one, but would that success be repeated this time?

Car dealer, Andrew, wanted £9995 for this gorgeous Italian supercar and that was a price Mike couldn’t ignore. He loved the performance and sound on the test drive, but he quickly spotted some problems including a sticky dashboard, rattling suspension and a gearshift that wasn’t as quick as it should have been. £9500 sealed the deal, but what would Elvis think?

Wheeler Dealers Maserati

The master mechanic was impressed although a little worried about the potential for big bills.  With the Maserati in the workshop the first job to tackle was the issue with the complex Cambiocorsa paddle-shift gearbox. A diagnostic check revealed the clutch was healthy – that was a big relief – but Elvis spotted a leaking actuator, and that needed specialist attention.

In the meantime Mike headed to see Roland at a company called Sticky Plastics. It was time to get those unpleasant dashboard parts returned to as-new condition, a job that began with careful cleaning of every switch and button. With the parts re-painted, a clever laser-etching process was used to replace the markings on each one. Fascinating to watch, it cost £550 – a huge saving compared to buying new parts.

Wheeler Dealers Maserati

But it was back to the gearbox problem, and Elvis visited Simon at SS Auto Tech. There, the faulty actuator was stripped down, cleaned, and rebuilt with new seals and some modified parts. A final test showed it was working perfectly, and was ready to go back on the car. And the cost? A reasonable £800.

Refitting the actuator needed care as it was vital to get the hydraulic hoses in the correct position, and Elvis also fitted a new pump. Simon had recommended an Alfa Romeo Selespeed item that, at £170, was a lot cheaper than a Maserati part, and with the new pump in place the gearbox was now working as it should.

The other problem to tackle was the noisy rear suspension, and a thorough check of all the components revealed a worn bush in the near-side track control arm. It was an easy job for Elvis, and with the new bush pressed into place this supercar would now handle perfectly.

Wheeler Dealers Maserati

Servicing the Ferrari-sourced V8 engine was the last job, and now the 4200GT was finished and ready for a test drive. And for that the boys headed for the Castle Combe race circuit where they would join other supercar owners enjoying a track day. And meet up with a potential buyer.

John loved the look and sound of the Maserati, and after heading out on track to experience the car for himself – with Elvis in the passenger seat – a deal was done for the asking price of £12,000. Yes, it was another profit on Wheeler Dealer’s second Maserati, and this stunning car was ready to be enjoyed by its new owner.

Wheeler Dealers Maserati

Mike says: “Many people wouldn’t believe that you can go and buy incredible performance, and massive horsepower for the price of a family hatchback. But we proved that you can experience the thrills of a supercar without having to rob a bank.

“The Maserati 4200 is a fantastic entry point into owning an Italian thoroughbred. Underneath its pretty exterior lies a very confident Ferrari. Let’s face it if it was red and had a prancing horse on the bonnet, you would have to pay almost six figures for the same car!
“The highlight for me was that age old problem that you get with Italian cars of that generation, sticky buttons! I thought the process of repainting them and laser etching the symbols back in was absolutely brilliant and all done for a fraction of the price that the manufacture would ask.
“Also it’s well worth pointing out just how brilliant Elvis drove at the end. From the passenger seat, he really did give that Maserati a tough time on the track and it drove beautifully.”
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