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Auto NewsJapanese Domestic Market car sales on the rise

Japanese Domestic Market car sales on the rise

Classic car auction trends 2022.

It has been an interesting year for classic cars with significant changes in the market place. One key trend is the continued rise of the Japanese Domestic Market cars.

We’re often asked: ‘How is the car market doing at the moment?’ A simple answer is that changing trends and economic fluctuations mean some things naturally plateau or come down in value, whereas others will rise. The remarkable rise in Japanese Domestic Market cars continues to amaze, the early 2000’s JDM cars have really come on strong yet again this year.

For a generation who grew up watching Fast and Furious, playing Gran Turismo and Need for Speed these JDM halo cars have fond memories. Across many auction houses the results achieved for 22B’s and Tommi Makkinens have been startling.

Japanese Domestic Market cars.

The Japanese collectable story is very similar to what happened with ‘Fast Fords’ – when car values dropped many cars were ragged about, crashed, scrapped, rusted away, or broken for parts. So the good surviving and restored examples nowadays rightfully command a premium. We see that the upward trend in popularity and desirability of these JDM cars will continue to grow with the cars becoming rarer.

Now that the Japanese Domestic Market cars have truly caught the wind you can expect Nissan GT-R’s to steadily continue to rise, but also monitor brands like Toyota with Supras and Twin Cams as they are sure to take up the vacuum. The cascade effect of the higher value cars will drive astute buyers to lesser models as they look for the next investment. Now really is the time to buy.

Rob Hubbard. Sales Director and Principal Auctioneer for Silverstone Auctions, says: During 2022 the collector’s car world has witnessed some truly extraordinary results, with an ever increasing and more knowledgeable customer buyer base. Originality, low mileage, and quality have never been more important – and many such equipped examples have achieved new UK and world record prices.

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