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Keeping your car clean helps retain value says Mike Brewer

Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer has a simple tip to get you the best price for your car

Keeping your car clean can be more beneficial that you think according to our own Mike Brewer.

When it comes to hints and tip on how to get the best price when selling your car, the Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer has a simple tip to help retain the value – just keep your car clean…

“I’ve always had a thing for keeping my cars clean. Not only to keep healthy, who wants to sit in a dirty car, but to keep the value of the car intact.

These days, it’s easier than ever to keep that metal, glass and carpet spangly. There’s so many good products out there, it’s made the job simple. Professional grade cleaners, waxes and coatings have now become consumable items that can be brought in your local car accessory store or online.

Even tired paint and beaten interiors can be given a new lease of live with a little elbow grease and some clever chemicals. This time of year, there’s nothing worse that the state the cars get into, so here’s my advice to keep your car clean and looking good.

Mike Brewer Motoring - Keeping your car clean keeps the value

After a good wash, use one of the new and many ceramic coatings out there. They shed water and therefore shed dirt. You can even use the coating on your alloy wheels.

It works just as well inside. Use carpet mats for the floors and keep on top of regularly, taking them out and giving them a quick blast with the jet wash. It won’t damage them. Keep them indoors overnight so they are dry and go again. You would only need to do this once or twice through the winter, but your carpets underneath remain like new.

Keep wet-wipes inside the car. Jumping in the cockpit after a rain shower or walking through the park can leave stubborn water stains on the centre consul and dash, so every now and then just have a quick wipe over with the wet-wipes.

Mud can be very damaging to cars and if your wheel arches get packed with mud that can lead to rust further down the road, so jet wash the arches regularly during winter, especially after it snows.

Now the good bit, value. Nobody wants to be greeted by a dirty threshold when they look at a car for sale, so if you’ve followed my advice and kept your car clean, then its easy to retain value come sale time.

The trick is that first look. Make sure the car is cleaned, polished, arches free from mud, etc. The driver’s door threshold should be like new with a polished kickplate, clean dash and carpet. Windows are also vital to keep clean. I use just normal household window cleaner and the windows look great.

Also, if you’re selling the car, take out your personal belongings before you show it. You’d be amazed the amount of cars I’ve seen with brushes full of hair, makeup, even left over kebabs!

So there you have it. Keep your car clean, be healthier and retain value and none of this cost very much at all.

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