Auto NewsFiat 500s directly from Italy!

Fiat 500s directly from Italy!

Real Italian Car Company launched.

The Real Italian Car Company launches today, delivering beautifully-restored bespoke examples of the classic Fiat 500 to new homes all over the world.

The Fiat 500 is an icon of Italy, as well as being the most affordable and engaging way to enter the world of Italian classic car ownership. With easy maintenance and ultra-low running costs, the ‘Cinquino’ is an appreciating asset that doesn’t cost the earth. It’s also just as practical now as it was back in its launch year of 1957, with its compact dimensions and numerous exemptions from current legislation making it the perfect city car.

A tiny engine that puts out negligible emissions means that the Fiat 500 is one of the most environmentally-conscious classic cars that anyone can buy, while retaining all of its period charm.

The innovative approach that Fiat originally took to this car is reflected in the company that was born to make them live again. The Real Italian Car Company isn’t like any other restoration business. It was founded by an eclectic group of three friends, all of whom live in Italy, with a background in the automotive world and motorsport.

Amadeo, Anthony, and Mattia are also united by a passion for Fiat’s smallest masterpiece, and between them, they have driven them all over the world. From the beautiful medieval town of Lucca, they select the most honest examples of these coveted superminis, then restore them to every customer’s precise specification.

Fiat 500s directly from Italy!

As well as working with experienced mechanics – some of whom first worked on the Fiat 500 back when it was new – The Real Italian Car Company also benefits from the expertise of renowned Italian artist and furniture designer Maurizio Telerma to ensure that the finishing touches are exquisitely detailed. Alternatively, they can be adapted to each customer’s exact requirement, ensuring that no two cars are exactly the same.

A wide variety of Fiat 500s are available, produced between 1957 and 1975, and one innovation from The Real Italian Car Company is the ‘birthday car’ concept: a car built in the year or on the date of the recipient’s birth – complete with a removable plaque designed by Telerma to celebrate the anniversary.

For less than the price of a high-end watch, it’s possible to buy a fully-restored classic car that can be used every day: a true legend of the automotive world. From the very first ‘500D’ with its trademark ‘suicide doors’ to the customised ‘Jolly’ beach buggies made famous by Gianni Agnelli, there’s a Fiat 500 for everyone. And The Real Italian Car Company can find it for you: directly from its home in Italy, ready to be fully-prepared for a new life elsewhere.

Fiat 500s directly from Italy!

The Real Italian Car Company is part of a bigger group that includes Real Italian Catering and Real Italian Homes, meaning that the group does food and houses as well as cars. What all three have in common is the authentically Italian passion and authenticity that goes into them – customers are welcome to stay with us in Tuscany and eat our food as well as buy a car! For those wishing to try out a Fiat 500 before buying, we also have a rental business in Lucca where interested drivers can take the wheel and discover the beautiful Tuscan countryside at a suitable sedate pace.

Anthony Peacock, a well-known automotive journalist who founded the business together with rally driver Mattia Vita and local landowner Amedeo Raffaelli Provenzali, commented: “The Fiat 500 is a fantastic car to drive and a true landmark of Italian engineering. We locate the very best examples and restore them to every customer’s exact specification. It feels like taking a little piece of Italy with you wherever you go: it’s impossible to drive these cars without a smile on your face!”

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