Auto NewsSafety First: New driving course launched

Safety First: New driving course launched

Helping tackle deaths on UK roads.

The country’s leading driving experience provider is looking to combat stalled reductions in road deaths on the UK’s roads over the last decade through two new targeted packages which aim to improve drivers’ road skills. has this week officially launched its Safer Driving Course, hosted at Elvington Airfield in Yorkshire. The course’s goals are to help increase the standard of driving throughout the country and do all it can to help drive down deaths on the UK’s roads.

The decision to offer more to Britain’s motorists comes amidst recent data released by the European Transport Safety Council which revealed the UK to be Europe’s fifth worst-performing country in reducing deaths on the road since 2011*.

Despite generally being considered as having the safest roads in the world, over the course of the last decade, the UK only managed to decrease its road deaths by 17.9 per cent, with Hungary, Bulgaria, The Netherlands and Romania the only countries to perform worse.

Driving Course

This is in stark contrast to Europe’s top-performing country, Norway, which reduced their road-related deaths by 52.4 per cent during the same period.

Dan Jones, Operations Manager at, said: “We are calling upon the UK government to keep their eye on the road and make sure our streets continue to be seen as the safest to drive on.”

“It is our aim to help provide all drivers in the UK with the extra training they need to help them be better prepared for the various testing conditions they will have to face on the roads.”

The latest driving course offered by provides opportunities for drivers of all experience and age levels to become more confident when tackling extreme road conditions such as snow and ice, as well as wet and muddy roads, all while under the supervision of experienced instructors in a controlled environment.

Jones continued: “If you look at Norway, they include an extreme conditions exercise as part of their compulsory driving lesson provision for all new drivers. With the increasing amount of extreme weather we currently battle, we could attribute initiatives like those enforced in Norway to helping drive down deaths on the roads.”

“This is why we feel offering the UK public with explicit opportunities to become better drivers will continue to be at the core of what we are going to be focusing on throughout the year.”

As well as the safer driving course, has also re-launched its Skid Control package at North Weald Airfield in Essex, which provides drivers with training to help them when they find themselves skidding out of control.

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