Auto NewsRoad safety: A second set of eyes can save lives

Road safety: A second set of eyes can save lives

Lancaster Insurance Services urges owners to ensure their classic is checked annually by an independent expert

The discussion of MOTs is once again in the spotlight with the announcement that a consultation has been launched into whether new cars may be exempt from needing an MOT for the first four years, an extension of a year from the current rules.

The news has raised concerns regarding the road safety of all cars and Lancaster Insurance Services is urging owners to ensure that their classics have an annual independent check, even if their vehicle is over 40 years old and is exempt from a legal MOT.

In general, a car is MOT exempt when it reaches 40 years old and it has not been substantially changed in the last 30 years, more info from the government website can be found here. So from this year anything from 1982, or earlier, falls into that category including a Mercedes 380 SL, an Austin Morris Mini HL and a Ford Escort XR3. Cars which don’t seem old at all!

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Steph Hoy, Lancaster’s Head of Car Club Relations, comments: “As road users, we should all take our responsibility seriously when it comes to road safety and ensuring our vehicles are in good working order. I raised the point on my @idriveaclassic Twitter account recently and it was fantastic to see the interaction and the support the post received. People from all walks of life own classics, that’s what makes our community so great, but just because someone owns one doesn’t mean they necessarily have the mechanical and technical knowledge to know that everything is in full working order. An MOT, or assessment from a classic motoring specialist or garage, is an independent assurance at time of inspection that your classic is safe to be on the road. If yours is deemed to be unfit for purpose, then you could receive a fine, points on your license and your insurance be voided. So as always, we’d encourage owners to be diligent and ensure their classic is getting a once over annually.”

Road safety (from canvas)

In 2020, a report commissioned by the Historic Endurance Rallying Organisation and Endurance Rally Association (HERO-ERA) estimated that there are 1.6 million classics in the UK and as owners and enthusiasts we have a duty to make sure we are leading the way with road safety. We all want our community to prosper for generations to come, so ensuring that our classics are fit for purpose should be on top of the to do list!

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Lancaster Insurance – Vehicle Tax/MOT/insurance

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