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Auto NewsAlfa Romeo launches the first episode of ‘Beyond the Visible’

Alfa Romeo launches the first episode of ‘Beyond the Visible’

Taking the public behind the scenes of F1 Team ORLEN

The first episode of ‘Beyond the Visible’, the new docuseries that takes the public behind-the-scenes of Alfa Romeo’s F1 Team ORLEN, is now live.

For the first time ever, F1 enthusiasts and newcomers can discover the adrenaline-fuelled daily routine of over 500 Alfa Romeo experts who work tirelessly to excel in the world’s most watched motorsport competition.

‘Before we hit the ground’, the series’ opening episode, reveals the intensity and concentration involved in the preparation for a new season, whilst shedding light on the meticulous detail Team Managers put into their race strategies to maximise performance and keep the focus on the obvious goal: moving as fast as possible.

The opening episode displays the abundance of emotion, anticipation, and mental and physical preparation, which is rarely seen outside the F1 world. Daring to go ’beyond the visible’, Alfa Romeo has provided fans with a report of everything that precedes the highly anticipated inaugural race of the world championship.

Viewers will be able to gain an understanding of the perfect alchemy linking Alfa Romeo and Sauber, which goes far beyond the F1. These two brands have always focused on sporting and technological excellence, on and off the track. Alfa Romeo has been known as a ‘manifesto of noble sportsmanship since 1910’, actively working with the Sauber factory in Hinwil. Drivers, mechanics and engineers all collaborate in refining constantly evolving strategies and everchanging technical solutions, vital to competing at this level. This includes work on Alfa Romeo’s aerodynamic solutions, which will hopefully lead to the design of a single seater for exceptional performance levels.

Alfa Romeo F1 Orlen -2

Cristiano Fiorio, Alfa Romeo F1 Manager said: “Beyond the Visible” is an ambitious project that perfectly represents the values of the brand. Alfa Romeo represents noble Italian sportiness and has always distinguished itself throughout its history by a bold attitude capable of transferring visceral emotions to all car and performance enthusiasts. The “Beyond the Visible” project is no exception: engaging and inclusive, true to the brand’s DNA.”

Away from the limelight, more than 500 professionals of the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN work tirelessly every day to chase perfection in strategic, mechanical and engineering decisions, to give their team the best chance to compete in Formula 1. The new ‘Beyond the Visible’ series allows fans to have the opportunity to feel part of all this.

“Before we hit the ground” is only the first of the five episodes to be posted on the Alfa Romeo’s official social media pages and YouTube channel throughout the 2022 racing season. Multitudes of behind-the-scenes stories will be told in the five episodes of the all-digital project: from strategic choices and driver training to the very complicated logistics; from innovative technological solutions to the endless resources invested in research and development. Stay tuned!

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Beyond the Visible Series

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