Auto NewsBicester Scramblers reveals 2023 assembly dates

Bicester Scramblers reveals 2023 assembly dates

A plethora of themes planned.

Scramblers, the Bicester Heritage membership club, has announced the calendar for its 2023 Assembly dates.

Bicester Scramblers is dipping into one of the most varied areas of the automotive scene for January with displays dedicated to Japanese metal: Japanese January. The first event will be on Sunday 27th January from 9am until 12pm in the MT Yard.

Scramblers membership tiers, named Pegasus and Merlin, give members access to a range of perks that are exclusive to Bicester Heritage and several of its Specialist businesses, in addition to making a charity donation to the site’s charity partner StarterMotor, to which Scramblers have donated £2,610 during 2022 alone, through the monetisation of its membership tiers.

Bicester Scramblers 2023

Every Assembly will be held in the MT Yard and Main Drive in 2023 between 9am until 12pm. Entry will be free for all Pegasus and Merlin members, and all passengers will require a valid ticket. General sale tickets will be available in advance at £5 per person.

From motorsport season to a repeat of the popular M-Day event, in addition to Vintage Velos and Minis, the full calendar can be viewed here:

2023 Calendar

29 January: Scramblers Assembly – Japanese January
26 February: Scramblers Assembly – Ford February
26 March: Scramblers Assembly – Motorsport March
23 April: Scramble
30 April: Scramblers Assembly – Vintage velos
28 May: Scramblers Assembly – Mini May
17-18 June: 10-year anniversary celebration
25 June: Scramblers Assembly – You Choose June
30 July: Scramblers Assembly – TBC
28 August: Scramblers Assembly – Bank Holiday M Day
24 September: Scramblers Assembly – Porsche 911 at 60/Oktoberfest
8 October: Scramble
29 October: Scramblers Assembly – Scary Cars
26 November: Scramblers Assembly – TBC
10 December: Scramblers Assembly – Festive Four-Wheelers

Scramblers celebrates the historic motoring sector and the magic in the driving and preservation of classic cars, while making these experiences open and accessible for future generations.

Bicester Scramblers 2023

Normally accessible by appointment only, Bicester Heritage sits on the larger Bicester Motion site, the best-preserved WW2 RAF Bomber Station in the country. The quarter is home to 45 industry-leading Specialist workshops that the Bicester Heritage hub for historic motoring enterprise is renowned for.

Philip White, Associate Director Brand and Marketing comments:

“It’s been a momentous year for Scramblers, as we’ve welcomed over 10,000 members, launched new membership tiers with even more benefits for enthusiasts and welcomed a vast array of machines to Bicester Heritage across our event calendar. With our new partner Collecting Cars onboard we look forward to the New Year.”

Find more info:
Bicester Heritage Events

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