Auto NewsLondon to Brighton Runs get ready for the start line

London to Brighton Runs get ready for the start line

This year’s London to Brighton Classic, Modern Classics, and Kit & Sports Car Runs take place on Sun 4th June

Entrants in this year’s London to Brighton Classic, Modern Classics, and Kit & Sports Car Runs are all ready for the start line at Brooklands Museum on Sunday 4th June.

Around 345 cars spanning over a hundred years of motoring will journey through the South Downs National Park, Surrey, Sussex and Kent countryside on their way to Brighton’s seafront where the cars will celebrate completing the London to Brighton Runs on Madeira Drive.

Abby Green of Pop Up Car Shows said: “We’re so excited to get this year’s event underway. The entry list is our most diverse to date and to see these cars set off from Brooklands with all its motoring heritage and then park up on the seafront, hopefully in the sunshine, will be quite a sight to see!”

The oldest car on the Classic Car Run is Raymond Morley’s 1913 Ford Model T which is gearing up for a ‘family outing’. Representing the roaring 20s, Patrick Carr brings his 1928 Ford Model A, Sean Bramhall joins with his 1922 Bentley 3-4.5L while Andy Wilson brings his 1926 Morris Oxford Bullnose.

There is a strong showing of 1930s vehicles joining include Nelson Ferreira’s 1935 Wolseley New 14, one of just six left in existence that was found in a garage after 35 years of storage.

Stephen Holmes brings his 1933 Rolls Royce 20/25 that has been owned by his family from new. ‘Florrie’, as the Rolls is affectionately named, was bought from Jack Barclays by Stephen’s wife’s great uncle, Welby Skinner, in 1933, and has been handed down through the generations.

The rest of the Classic Run vehicles are a fantastic mix of cars registered before 1983. Some owners have done every one of the 34 runs to date, others are bringing cars fresh from restoration, others have rallied all over the world.

The Modern Classics Run, now in its third year, is open to all vehicles manufactured between 1st June 1983 and 31st December 2003 so brings those with a passion for cars from 80s, 90s and over into the event.

These include ‘Auto Alex’ Kersten’s 1983 Porsche 944, which can regularly be seen on his YouTube channel. Paul Butler is also bringing a 944 from 1985 which he found in a barn and has restored over the past three years. The run also features cars such as Andy Reid’s rare 1984 Lotus Esprit S3, one of 700 made, which boasts a bespoke ski rack…

Samantha Whitley is very excited that her 2003 BMW 330ci M Sport Convertible is now eligible for the Modern Classics Run. She will be joined by Sean Henderson and his ‘high mileage hero’ 2003 Ford Focus which is currently showing 181,600 miles.

Three very different cars from 2003 taking part are Diana Tulip’s Ford StreetKa, which is the third she has owned, including one when the model was launched. She is joined by Steve Brownlow’s recently purchased low mileage Jaguar XK8 Coupe.

Kevin Perera, born in London, studied in Brighton but has lived in Switzerland for decades, is coming to the UK to take part in the Run with his daughter Lucile in a 2003 BMW M3 SMG Cabriolet so she can experience British motoring while seeing her dad’s hometown.

The two Runs take place alongside the 22nd Kit & Sports Cars Run which has no age limits on entries with Kit, Sports and Replica cars of all ages welcome to join the fun so expect to see Beach Buggies, Westfields and Chesil Speedsters on route.

Those wishing to spectate can either attend the start or finish line or a list of key points along the route where the cars can be seen can be found on the event website.

Find more info:
London to Brighton Runs 

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