Auto NewsMike Brewer launches new podcast The Wheeler Dealer

Mike Brewer launches new podcast The Wheeler Dealer

Richard Hammond said: “Your podcast is quite interesting! I’d listen to this!”

On Monday 20th February our favourite car salesman Mike Brewer launched his brand-new podcast THE WHEELER DEALER with friend, presenter and fellow petrolhead Andy Jaye (Talksport).

Mike, the popular presenter of the TV motoring show Wheeler Dealers (Discovery), although Mike’s been known as The Wheeler Dealer for a lot longer and has now decided to share the stories from his extraordinary career on and off our TV screens.

The Wheeler Dealer series launched with five episodes available on Monday featuring interviews with Richard Hammond and Matt Goss as well as the first episodes from their exploration of the automotive alphabet – entirely dedicated to motoring chat based on a single letter of the alphabet. New episodes will appear weekly on Monday mornings ready for the commute.

Richard and Matt are the first guests who will piece together their fantasy road trips; including the destination, passengers, playlist and of course the car. Upcoming episodes of The Wheeler Dealer will include conversations with David Gandy, Richard Rawlings (Presenter of Fast‘n’Loud) and Beverley Knight.

The Wheeler Dealer Podcast

Mike said: “After a lifetime in the car trade and 26 years talking about it on the box, I thought it was about time to bring the audience along for the ride in my amazing life. I’ve bought and sold cars on every continent, mixed with some of the worlds most interesting motoring people, made friends along the way with some amazing celebrities and our podcast will give an insight into my world of friendships, trades and plenty of fun. Beside me in the passenger seat is my wingman, petrol-head Andy Jaye and always shouting from the rear seat is my wonderful wife Michelle. That leaves space for you to come along for the ride. We promise you won’t be disappointed.”

Andy added: “I’ve known Mike as a friend for many, many years and not only is he brilliant company, he’s a treasure trove of amazing anecdotes thanks to a lifetime in show business and the automotive world. This podcast is an opportunity to get closer to Mike, his friends, & his epic stories. The cars, the stars, and a whole lot more besides. I think the audience will see a new side to Mike and will relish this access to a top man who will entertain and surprise us with every episode.”

The Wheeler Dealer podcast is brought to you by GardX Group, the award-winning paint & interior protection and insurance solutions providers in the automotive industry.

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The Wheeler Dealer Podcast


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