Auto NewsREVS-Limiter gets ‘Souped Up’ to tackle SAD syndrome for January Scramble

REVS-Limiter gets ‘Souped Up’ to tackle SAD syndrome for January Scramble

REVS displays are always a sight to behold.

‘Souped Up’ will be a curation of iconic and extreme open-top cars to highlight seasonal affective disorder (SAD syndrome), in collaboration with Piston Broke Social.

REVS-Limiter, the online community celebrating wheels and engines, will once again be out in full-force for a cause with a difference for the first Bicester Heritage Scramble event of 2023.

“Getting out in the daylight hours has been identified as a way to help people who struggle. So, we are displaying the most open cars that give us that joy of driving, that may help put a smile on our faces,” Reverend Adam Gompertz comments.

“REVS-Limiter and Piston Broke Social want to highlight the issue, and promote the joy many of us feel in driving; how the right car on the right road can bring a pleasure that for some may make the difference between a good day, and one that is more challenging.”

Scramble attendees are asked to help REVS-Limiter by donating any canned goods that they have for those in need at the local Bicester Foodbank.

“Giving to others can produce positive feelings, all of which help our own sense of mental wellbeing,” Adam adds.

“REVS displays are always a sight to behold, and a welcome addition to our Scramble events with such timely and poignant messages. We look forward to seeing the range of open-top cars that brave the January elements to join us,” Philip White, Associate Director, Brand and Marketing, Bicester Heritage adds.

Find more info:
Bicester Foodbank
Bicester Heritage – January Scramble 2023

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