Auto NewsStaggering cost of parking revealed

Staggering cost of parking revealed

City of Westminster is the most expensive location in the country for on-street parking.

The eye-watering amount of money motorists shell out on parking in UK’s major cities has been laid bare by recent research.

A 2022 study, which analysed the average cost of parking across the UK, has revealed that Londoners, specifically workers in the City of Westminster, are expected to pay the most to park their car during the working day.

Indeed, motorists in Westminster are currently paying an eye-watering £3,684 a year for parking if they were to work four days a week in the London borough. Islington was not far behind its neighbour, with average costs standing at £3,007, making it the third most expensive place to park.

Meanwhile, north of the border in Scotland, residents of Edinburgh are forking out an average of £3,483 per year, making it the second most expensive city in the UK to park your car for work.

This cost of parking is in stark contrast to the UK’s second city, Birmingham, which offers an average of only £844 a year, making it the cheapest city to park. Newcastle-upon-Tyne was the only other major city to be below £2,500, coming in at £1,721.

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Harrison Woods, CEO at, commented: “The sky-high price of parking will be a familiar pain for Londoners, but to learn how expensive it is in relation to other major cities around the country puts into perspective just how costly parking in our capital city really is.”

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for motorists, as claims that smart-thinking motorists in the capital can avoid extortionate cost of parking by using homeowner’s rented driveways.

Cheaper alternatives can be found throughout the week on driveways, garages, and other private parking spots in many of London’s boroughs, and even central locations.

Harrison added: “With the cost of household bills and everyday outgoings skyrocketing, millions of beleaguered homeowners are now assessing how they can tighten their purse strings.

“And with parking being a common everyday outgoing, considering how to cut back on this expense is a good place to start. Thankfully, parking on rented driveways is often cheaper, and more convenient than traditional parking options – helping motorists keep their parking bills to a minimum.”

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