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Auto NewsIt’s a modern classic Alfa for this week’s Wheeler Dealers

It’s a modern classic Alfa for this week’s Wheeler Dealers

Could Mike and Elvis turn around this stylish but scruffy Italian coupe?

Buying an Alfa Romeo GTV that had failed its MOT was a bit of a gamble, but Mike Brewer was convinced they could fix it. And it was temptingly cheap…

A few Alfas have found their way into the Wheeler Dealers workshop over the years but this one…an Alfa Romeo GTV…well, it was a bit of a mess. Left standing for a couple of years after failing its MOT there was plenty of work to do, but with owner Trevor accepting £2000 for this Italian modern classic it was a bit of a bargain.

Despite the lengthy list of jobs to tackle there was good news – the engine ran well (mostly), there was a high-spec leather interior and an upgraded 6-speed manual gearbox. It was time for Elvis to get stuck in.

The first thing was getting a good look underneath, and straightaway he spotted a frayed auxiliary drivebelt and a damaged crankshaft pulley. Spending a couple of hundred pounds soon had that problem sorted, though. Curing the engine misfire was just as easy – a quick repair to fuel injector wiring was all that was needed.

In the meantime Mike headed off to see the experts at Alfaholics near Bristol, and he had a long shopping list. Splashing out £752 bagged all the parts needed to get the stylish coupe back on the road, and there was also time for a chat with the owner of a rather special Alfa Romeo GTV. More on that later.

Now it was time for Elvis to address some more of the problems underneath the Alfa, starting with replacement of a damaged driveshaft gaiter. Sorting the suspension involved the fitting of a new front lower arm, a rear lower arm, new coil springs and replacing various bushes and the anti-roll bar drop links. And with all of that done the car now handled as it should.

While Mike was putting together plans for a brilliant test drive the ace mechanic could get on with sorting the rusty intake pipes that were spoiling the look of the fabulous V6 engine. Spending £82 on a chroming kit, it was fun to watch Elvis do a bit of DIY chemistry and once he was finished the parts were back to their shiny best.

The Alfa was almost finished and the final touches including fitting a new section of exhaust and bolting on brand new wheels and tyres. The Alfa Romeo GTV looked fantastic and drove brilliantly so what better place for a test drive than Italy.

Gary – the owner that Mike had met earlier – had a limited edition Cup version of the car, produced to celebrate a racing series, and having made contact with one of the original  drivers it was time to head for the Varano de’ Melegari circuit.

Not only did the boys have fun meeting other owners and putting the Alfa through its paces on the track – it performed brilliantly – but it was also a chance to meet potential buyer, Chris. After a test drive with Elvis he was quick to snap it up for £5000.

Buying the downtrodden GTV had been a gamble but this was a car that needed saving, and with a lot of work the result was nothing short of superb. We love an Italian classic here at Mike Brewer Motoring and this one was a cracker.

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