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Auto NewsZytek reveals concept electric classic race car

Zytek reveals concept electric classic race car

Zytek, a world leader in engineering and electrification, has developed a concept electric classic race car in conjunction with RBW EV Cars.

Over the past eight months, Zytek has worked on evolving motorsport technology to create an electric classic concept vehicle that is competitive and gives a way forward as traditional internal combustion engine vehicles are phased out.

Neil Heslington, Managing Director of Zytek, explains: “This vehicle is a conversation starter as much as it is a competitive race car. Its purpose is to engage the industry in the idea of what the future could hold for motorsport and what it could potentially look like in five, ten and 20 years’ time. We can create a discussion on the technical roadmap for motorsport.”


The concept car is built on an original MGB bodyshell, using all the research and development that was instrumental in the creation of the RBW EV Roadster, that has received rave reviews about its sports car handling and performance.

Zytek has taken technology that has been developed in conjunction with its sister/parent company Continental Engineering Services and modified it for motorsport. This means that each vehicle can be tailored in a bespoke manner for the race series’ and driver’s needs.


The motorsport concept model is stripped out, so it is lightweight and features a Continental enhanced performance 80kW electric drive unit, ABS braking system, high voltage battery incorporating a power distribution unit, and optimised suspension by Hoyle.

Driver safety features include anti-roll bars and an integrated roll cage, race seats, fire suppression system, racing seat harnesses. The vehicle also affords fuselage battery disconnection and marshal activated service disconnect.


“There are still more developments to be added that offer further driver assistance and provide valuable data, effective lap recording and simulation,” Neil adds. “We are looking at a programme of safety training for marshals to ensure they are as protected as the driver is.”

The long term goal is for a classic EV race series to be created that still conforms to Motorsport UK guidelines and its new regulatory framework for hybrid and electrified vehicles.

Zytek has been at the forefront of vehicle innovation for the past 40 years and its roll of honour includes powering teams to championships in International Formula 3000, Le Mans Series, A1GP, Renault FR3.5 Series and Auto GP championships, and working with Formula-E Champions.

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