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    How well do you know American muscle cars?

    If you want big bang for your buck, the US is where you turn to. For decades, the American muscle car has been giving the world mass amounts of affordable performance. Sure, they may lack the refinement and the sophistication of Europe’s finest, but they more than make up for that in horsepower, adrenaline-filled speed […] More

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    Can you guess the names of these car colours?

    Personalisation is a big part of buying a car. In a world where people increasingly want to stand out from the crowd, having a unique car is becoming more and more important to buyers. This has led to manufacturers piling on options when it comes to trim levels, added extras and – what we’re focusing […] More

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    Can you guess the top speeds of these supercars?

    Top speed, while often rendered useless in the real world thanks to speed limits, can say a lot about a car. And though most quick cars are limited to 155mph, the supercar segment is less, let’s say, restricted. People who buy supercars tend to enjoy having bragging rights, therefore a high top speed is more […] More

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    Geneva Motor Show quiz

    The past week has been awash with car news flooding from the Geneva Motor Show. From new models to interesting concepts, there’s been no shortage of cars to get the motoring community talking. So, with that in mind, have you been keeping up with everything the show has bestowed upon us recently? Take this quiz […] More

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    How well do you know fast Fords?

    Since the company’s founding in June of 1903, Ford has produced some of the all-time greats the car world has ever seen. From the Mustang to the Mondeo, this manufacturer has bestowed upon us many memorable nameplates over its 115 years in business – some good sporty ones too. But how well do you know […] More

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    Can you identify these cars by their headlights?

    Headlights and rear lights have come a long way in recent years, what with the introduction of LEDs. Not only are car lights becoming more efficient, they are also becoming more creative in their designs. All this allows manufacturers to create some unique and distinct headlights for its models, meaning in theory you should ace […] More

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    How well do you know ’90s motoring?

    There were dozens of incredible cars in the 1990s, coming from all corners of the world. It’s easy to pick out the favourites and look back at them with fondness, but do you know as much as you think when it comes to motoring in the 20th century’s last stand? Find out with this quiz! More

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    How well do you know car badges?

    There are few things more critical than good branding for companies, car manufacturers or otherwise. To test how well you know your badges, we’ve taken measures to censor some of the more common examples, and found a few that will take some thought on their own. Let’s get this quiz going! More

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    Quiz: How well do you know low-volume sports cars?

    For every Ferrari or Lamborghini, there are dozens of imitators. While there are some notably bad low-volume car manufacturers in the history books, and some failed examples of limited-run cars from major manufacturers, there’s always a degree of intrigue surrounding the rarer driver’s cars out there. Do you think you’re a connoisseur of sports cars […] More

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    What performance car is right for you?

    These days, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to cars. Even if you boil it down to a niche such as performance cars, there are many different facets to choose from. What is the right speed machine for you? Do you need practicality as well as pace, or do you want a bare-bones experience? […] More

  • Quiz: Test your muscle car mettle

    I love a good muscle car. America does so much in ways bigger and better than the rest of us can imagine, and the lineage of muscle cars is a prime example of that, even if some other nations have made significant entries into the genre too. How well do you know muscle cars? Find […] More

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    Test your motor mettle with this engine quiz

    When it comes to cars, looks matter. Handling matters more for some too, but its the power and the noise that really sets certain cars aside for me. In this list, I’ll test your knowledge of engines, by seeing if you can match the car to the correct engine. Give it your best shot! More

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