Can you guess the names of these car colours?

Personalisation is a big part of buying a car. In a world where people increasingly want to stand out from the crowd, having a unique car is becoming more and more important to buyers. This has led to manufacturers piling on options when it comes to trim levels, added extras and – what we’re focusing on today – colour choices.

This quiz may turn out quite difficult then, keeping in mind what was just mentioned; but have a go and see if you can name these car colours…

  • What’s this Ford Fiesta ST200 colour called?

    • ST Grey
    • Storm Grey
    • Cloud Grey
    • Foggy Grey
  • What about the Aston Martin DBS 59’s colour?

    • Aston Martin Racing Green
    • Sickly Green
    • Alien Green
    • Fast Green
  • And the Audi R8?

    • Sky Blue
    • Water Blue
    • Sea Blue
    • Ara Blue
  • What’s the name of this Lamborghini Haracan’s colour?

    • Bright Green
    • Really Bright Green
    • Verde Ithaca
    • Verde
  • How about this BMW M5?

    • Frozen Dark Red Metallic
    • Dark Red Frozen Metallic
    • Red Frozen Dark Metallic
    • Metallic Dark Frozen Red
  • And this Honda NSX?

    • Wavy Red
    • Curve Red
    • Bendy Red
    • Fast Red
  • What about these two Alfa Romeo NRINGs?

    • Light Bronze
    • Race Grey
    • Circuito Grey
    • Ring Bronze
  • The facelifted Mustang was shown mostly in what colour?

    • Raging Orange
    • Angry Orange
    • Orange Fury
    • Annoying Orange
  • And this Porsche 911 GT3 RS?

    • Guards Red
    • Noble Red
    • Red Race
    • Race Red
  • Last but by no means least, what colour is this Suzuki Jimny?

    • Welford Yellow
    • Young Yellow
    • Brewer Yellow
    • Kinetic Yellow

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