How well do you know fast Fords?

Since the company’s founding in June of 1903, Ford has produced some of the all-time greats the car world has ever seen. From the Mustang to the Mondeo, this manufacturer has bestowed upon us many memorable nameplates over its 115 years in business – some good sporty ones too.

But how well do you know fast Fords? Could you tell an ST from an RS? Would you know what engine works away under the bonnet? Take this quiz to find out…

  • Which Ford RS car wears this wing?

    • Fiesta RS Turbo
    • Focus RS
    • Escort RS Cosworth
    • Focus RS500
  • The Racing Puma was only sold in which country?

    • UK
    • Germany
    • USA
    • Australia
  • Is the 2020 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 turbocharged, supercharged, or naturally aspirated?

    • Turbocharged
    • Supercharged
    • Naturally aspirated
  • Which special edition Ford GT is this?

    • Carbon Series
    • Heritage Edition with gulf livery
    • ’67 Heritage Edition
  • Speaking of the Ford GT, its predecessor, the GT40, was built to take on what manufacturer?

    • Lamborghini
    • Porsche
    • Ferrari
    • Chevrolet
  • Which Ford ST car is this?

    • Fiesta ST
    • Focus ST
    • Edge ST
  • The Ford Escort RS Turbo was the first front-wheel-drive car to get…

    • A turbocharged engine
    • A Limited-slip differential
    • More than 130bhp
    • Recaro seats
  • The rare Capri Perana V8 features the engine from what other car?

    • Ford Mustang
    • Chevrolet Camaro
    • Ford F150
    • Chevrolet Corvette
  • The ST220 was given it’s name because…

    • Only 220 were made
    • The engine produced 220Nm of torque
    • The engine produced 220bhp (223bhp to be exact)
    • It could do 220mph
  • Similarly, where does the 500 come from in the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth’s name?

    • Only 500 were made
    • The engine produced 500bhp
    • The engine produced 500Nm of torque
    • It could do 500mph

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