Quiz: How well do you know Audi RS cars?

The RS badge is one Audi reserve exclusively for its hottest models. Only the fastest are given the esteemed title and it’s not something the german brand just throws around carefree. No, if an Audi bears the letters RS on the back, you can bet it’s something fairly special and rapid, too.

But how well do you know Audi RS cars? Take this quiz to find out…

  • Here’s an easy one to start off with – what’s the name of the all-wheel system present on all Audi RSs?

    • Four grip
    • Ultimate Grip System
    • Quattro
    • Road holding all-wheel grip system of greatness
  • Now a little harder – what decade is the original RS car, the RS2, from?

    • ’60s
    • ’70s
    • ’80s
    • ’90s
  • The RS2 was a joint venture between Audi and what other VW group manufacturer?

    • Seat
    • Porsche
    • Lamborghini
    • Skoda
  • What engine lies beneath this RS 4 Avant’s bonnet?

    • 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6
    • 3.2-litre naturally aspirated V6
    • 4.2-litre twin-turbo V8
    • 4.2-litre naturally aspirated V8
  • How many cylinders does this TT RS have?

    • Five
    • Four
    • Six
    • Eight
  • How much horsepower does this RS3 have?

    • 395bhp
    • 401bhp
    • 362bhp
    • 410bhp
  • This Audi RS6 has an incredible…

    • V6
    • V8
    • V10
    • V12
  • What’s this RS5’s top speed

    • 162mph
    • 155mph
    • 165mph
    • 172mph
  • What Audi RS car is this?

    • RS 4
    • RS 5
    • RS 6
    • RS 7
  • And finally, what does RS stand for in Audi’s case?

    • RennSport (Racing Sport)
    • Rally Sport
    • Racing Solutions
    • Road Sport

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