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Mike Brewer on online bullies and 20 years of Wheeler Dealers

Exclusive interview with Car Dealer editor James Baggott

In this exclusive interview with Car Dealer Magazine, Wheeler Dealers star Mike Brewer speaks out about the pain he’s had to deal with because of online bullies.

In this interview with Car Dealer editor James Baggott, Mike Brewer talks about how he has received death threats on social media from online bullies while others have threatened to harm his wife and daughter. He also talks about the pain of the attacks on an interview to mark 20 years of Wheeler Dealers. He also talks about his favourite cars, which mechanic he liked working with the most (spoiler: them all) and why he thinks the show has been so successful.

The host of the Used Car Awards Mike has spoken candidly about how the ‘tirade of abuse’ he receives on social media has affected his mental health.

In it, he explains how the hurtful comments he receives every time he opens his phone affects him and how he just ‘wishes it would stop’.

The star explains the hateful posts – which have included death threats – have even led to him drinking ‘more than he should’.

Brewer said: ‘I’ve had death threats. Regularly people threaten to rape my wife and daughter and murder me. People say they’re outside my house. I’ve actually had people at my gate.

‘I wake up every day to a tirade of abuse. It happens every single day.’

‘It’s killed presenters in the past – poor Caroline Flack. It does hurt and it does affect me. And I can see my changing moods when I’ve read something that’s particularly disturbing. It affects my mental health.’

Brewer’s Wheeler Dealers show, which is celebrating its 21st season, is broadcast across the globe and now reaches 200m people.

You can read the full interview here.

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