Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer explains used car dealer jargon

Mike explains the various acronyms and phrases that you


Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer explains the used car dealer jargon that’s most likely to confuse buyers

According to Car Dealer Magazine, customers at car dealerships can often get confused by the jargon spouted by used car dealers so our own Mike Brewer has been on the case to help explain what they’re talking about.

Mike says: “There is a jargon in the used car dealership world which is a bit like going to the horse races and seeing the betting guys doing their hand signal system – it’s a language between them and we’re expected to guess what it means.

“It can be the same when you walk into a car supermarket and being the owner of a car dealership even we’re guilty of it.

Mike Brewer Motoring - Used Car Dealer Jargon

“We’ll sit with staff and chat about a car in front of a customer and you’ll end up using jargon that they might not understand or haven’t heard of before. I think even car dealers aren’t aware they do it sometimes.”

He then goes on to explain the various acronyms and phrases that you would hear when visiting a car showroom or supermarket.

Mike added: “Those are the most common ones that I get asked about by Wheeler Dealer fans and customers at my showroom and for those in the trade it’s worth remembering that not everyone understands what you’re going on about.”

Wheeler Dealers’ Mike Brewer is a founder of the Used Car Awards in partnership with Car Dealer Magazine, which have been celebrated for the past nine years. Having been held online in 2020, the full awards evening will be held on 29 November 2021. It will return to The Brewery, in central London, as long as social distancing restrictions allow it.

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